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Teens caught playing Ghulam’s Aamir Khan style game – Video

Remember that action scene from Aamir Khan starrer movie Ghulam, the one in which he is running in front of an oncoming train? Well these kids are doing something even more dangerous, and in real life.

A video showing 7 teenagers in Ghaziabad jumping off a railway bridge. The game being, who maintains his stand longest in front of the oncoming train. This results in a speeding train getting dangerously close of running over those boys. The boys from the Dasna and Masuri localities in Ghaziabad have uploaded a video of their stunt online and it has gone viral which has caused some concerns among the authorities.

The video has brought widespread criticism and has forced the local police to launch an investigation and deployment of extra patrols in the area.

Such incidents of dare devil stunts are not new in the area. Locals cite many cases where local boys have performed life threatening stunts on the over bridge. Some run in front of the approaching train before jumping into the canal below while the train is just 2-5 feet away from them. Some even attempt to touch the train while some place bets on performing these dangerous stunts. Local police have warned locals against such stunts while the Railway Protection Force will be put into action to take suitable steps to ensure that these stunts are not performed.

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The boys were apparently inspired by Aamir Khan starrer ‘Ghulam’ and Salman Khan starrer ‘Kick’. The video is 50 seconds long and captures the images of each of the boys all allegedly below 20 years of age standing in boxers and waiting for the oncoming train. As the train hurtles near them they jump off the bridge into the water below. Railway officials are trying to identify the boys and apprehend them and probe the matter further.

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