Telugu actor crashes his Octavia into parked truck at high speed

Brother of popular actor of Telugu film industry Ravi Teja, Bharath Raj has been killed in a car accident. Images - Dinesh Akula.

49 yr old Telugu actor Bharath Raj, has been killed in a car accident. He was reportedly driving his Skoda Octavia at a high speed, when he failed to notice the parked truck on the road. Before he could take action, the Octavia banged into the rear of the truck.

The impact resulted in Bharath’s Octavia to go inside the rear of the truck. Brother of Ravi Teja, a popular Telugu actor, Bharath’s accident took place on the outer ring road of Hyderabad. The accident took place at about 11 PM.

He was heading to Gachibowli from airport. Eye witnesses reveal that the car was being driven at over 100 kmph, and even though the Octavia is considered one of the safest car in the segment, it was not enough to save his life.

Help arrived within minutes. But due to the mangled crash, it was very difficult to get the actor’s body out of the car. It is not clear whether the Telugu actor was driving under the influence of alcohol. Police has sent blood sample to laboratory and are awaiting results.

Image – The Hindu

The lorry driver is also at fault, as he had parked the car on the road. As per the police, the lorry driver had parked the car on the side of road as his lorry had broken down. They have arrested the lorry driver as well for parking the truck on the road without any hazard lights on.