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New vehicle temporary registration number plate norms updated

New vehicles with temporary registration numbers will be in alpha numerals and colour coded depending on it being an electric, private or a dealer / test drive vehicle

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has released a new notification with regard to registration of new vehicles. These are alpha-numeric, colour coded number plates which will vary according to the vehicle in question.

New colour codes to clear confusion

Registration number plates of new electric vehicles will see the same alpha-numeric yellow coloured plates with green background. Vehicles with temporary registration will get alpha-numeric number plates in red with a yellow background while dealer vehicles will show off alpha-numeric number plates in white with red coloured background.

These new regulations are under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR) and bar the use of any other lettering except alphabets with capital letters in English and Arabic numerals on the number plate. Hence forth, there will be no regional languages used for number plates and even use of small letters will be considered illegal. This new regulation also applies to VIP numbers which are auctioned by the states.

Height, thickness and space

The CMVR also mentions the exact dimensions of each number plate. For all motor vehicles, with the exception of two and three wheelers, the numbers and alphabets mentioned on the number plates must now conform to new dimensions. It should measure 65mm height, 10mm thick and 10mm space.

Why these changes?

Long answer short, to avoid criminals getting away because of old rules. These new norms come into effect in view of the fact that cameras with automatic number plate readers find it difficult to read such number plates that do not conform to a fixed standard. The earlier form of registration number plates, on pieces of paper, was unclear and could be removed, in case the vehicle was used to commit a crime.

This also caused some discrepancies in detecting crime as the printing was unclear and could not be captured by the CCTV cameras positioned for this purpose. Hence forth, the standard format of registration number plates would ensure easier detection of criminals using such vehicles to commit crimes while also setting standards as all vehicles in each category would now conform to a fixed format and colour code.

HSRP Number Plates

Earlier last month, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways also mandated a 1 cm green sticker offering registration details for BS6 compliant motor vehicles. This order will come into effect from 1st October 2020 and all vehicles complying with the new BS6 emission standards will have a 1 cm green strip affixed on the top in a third registration plate.

The High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) will be factory fitted to the inside of the windshield of each new vehicle manufactured. It will also see a chromium based hologram applied by hot stamping to the top left corner of each registration plate at the front and rear along with laser branding of a 10 digit permanent identification number at the bottom left if the registration plate.

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