Terry Grant sets MMRT race track in motion with spectacular drifting sessions on a Nissan 370Z

International drifting champion, Terry Grant took on the MMRT race track Chennai ushering the Performance Drive Program to India in association with Nissan. Using the Nissan 370Z, touted to be an affordable sports car, Terry Grant showed off his drifting caliber at the 14th JK Tyre National Racing Championship.

Terry Grant took the Nissan 370Z through the MMRT race track on two wheels, and in zig zag loops. Nissan roped in Guinness Record holder Terry Grant as part of a 3-program series meant to establish performance driving in India, alongside nurturing local drifting talent.

The 370Z is the sixth-generation Nissan Z-car line and is a 350Z successor that finds power from a VQ37VHR 3.7 L double overhead camshaft (DOHC) V6 engine with variable valve event and lift control (VVEL). You’re looking at standard 333 PS and 363 Nm of Torque.

Chief Executive Office, Hover Automotive India, Mr Dinesh Jain had this to say. “Today’s performance show utilizing the talents of Terry Grant is to reiterate the fact among our valued customers and prospective buyers that with its safety packed features, enhanced quality all around, and precision-crafted performance package, 370Z is unarguably the best choice of sports car. Not only that the energetic, thrill-seeking user can enjoy one of the finest sports cars in the 370Z, he can also indulge in opulence by selecting the best car for the best price.”

Terry Grant had this to say. “Racing tracks are the best place for a person to experience the capabilities of any Sports car and test its performance which cannot be tested completely in normal roads. Nissan 370Z is a smart choice for customers considering its high performance as compared to other competitors, and yet affordable.”