Tesla Bio Weapon Defense Mode put to test

The Tesla Bio Weapon Defense Mode which employs the cars’ HEPA cabin air filter is not just a marketing statement but real technology, says the company. The American EV maker has subjected the HEPA filter in its new Model X to an extremely polluted closed atmostphere to demonstrate the effectiveness of the feature.

The Model X equipped with the Bio Weapon Defense Mode was enclosed by a large transparent bubble tent which was filled with extremely polluted air – 1,000 µg/m³ of PM2.5 (EPA’s good air quality index has a limit of 12 µg/m³). The doors of the car are then shut and the Bio Weapon Defense Mode was activated.

Tesla Bio Weapon defense mode test (2)
The air quality inside the cabin became breathable within two minutes of activating the Tesla Bio Weapon Defense Mode.

Tesla says that the cabin air quality was cleaned to breathable levels in just 2 mins. Once the cabin air is effectively cleaned, the system then went on to scrub the impurities from the air within the bubble. With the next few minutes, the air in the bubble witnessed a 40% drop in PM2.5 levels, thus proving that the Tesla HEPA filter not only can withstand a military grade bio weapon attack but can also purify the air surround it.

Tesla Model X 2016 Geneva Motor Show
The HEPA filters are inspired by the air filtering systems used in hospitals, clean rooms and space industry.

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The Tesla Bio Weapon Defense Mode will benefit from the company’s continuous developments in micro-geometry and chemical passivation of the primary and secondary filters which are easily replaceable. The company is also open to suggestions for improvement in this regard.

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