Elon Musk hints at Tesla Gigafactory in India

Recently, the Indian transport minister Nitin Gadkari visited Tesla’s factory in San Francisco and extended an invitation to set up a manufacturing plant in India. Tesla replied that it would seriously consider the offer when the timing is right.

Strengthing this stand, Elon Musk was recently quoted as saying, “Obviously long term it’s going to make sense to have a Gigafactory in Europe, one in China and probably one in India.”

Tesla Model 3 Photos
The Gigafactory 1 at Nevada will play a crucial role in the production of the Tesla Model 3.

He added that it makes sense to locate a Gigafactory in a high-demand territory so that the product reaches end customer without significant logistic costs. He also offered new info about the upcoming Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada, US.

Tesla’s first Gigafactory is claimed to produce more lithium-ion batteries than the combined output of Li-ion battery factories across the world. The plant is set to go operational tomorrow (July 29th). Musk stated that Gigafactory is based on three primary criteria – cost effectiveness, time efficiency, and readiness for mass market model.

2017 Tesla Model S
The first Gigafactory is claimed to produce more li-ion batteries than other similar factories in the world combined.

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The plant will play a crucial role in the production of Tesla’s affordable electric car (for now this term refers to the Model 3). The factory’s complete energy consumption would be met by means of electricity generated by means of wind, solar and geothermal energiers.

Once the factory is fully operational, Tesla will allow visitors.

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