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Tesla Model 3 buyer in India gets positive reply from Elon Musk

For years, Indians have been dreaming over the idea of Tesla making its Indian debut – This is not the first time Elon Musk has hinted India launch is near

Over the past few years there have been multiple incidences which indicated that Tesla was not finding the Indian market apt for a debut. There have been innumerable flip-flops to Tesla’s India plans. In August’19, Tesla’s Boss, Elon Musk had stated that Tesla didn’t find Indian taxation & administrative rules conducive for an entry into the market, at least not at that point of time.

However, in latest turn of interesting events (technically in a latest Twitter conversation), Elon Musk has indicated that Tesla might be making its Indian debut, soon. It is to be noted that the ‘soon’ is open for interpretation.

It all started when Tesla’s official Twitter handle posted an update on Q2’20 deliveries and vehicle production details on 3rd July’20. Mr. Arvind Gupta, a Delhi based Twitter user replied to the same tweet on 10th July by tagging Elon Musk and asking for an update for a Tesla which he had booked 4 years ago. Surprisingly, Elon Musk decided to revert to the query and tweeted ‘Sorry, should hopefully be soon!’.

Tesla Model 3 India launch plans
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It isn’t the first time that Elon Musk has shared his intent to launch products in India. Earlier in March’19, he had confirmed that Tesla will start selling products in the Indian market by end of 2020. However considering the progress till date, it looks difficult if Mr. Musk will be able to meet his promise.

It is to be noted that over the last 1 year, 3 respectable EVs have been launched in the country. These include the Hyundai Kona, MG ZS EV and the Tata Nexon EV. We have had EVs in the past too but those models had questionable range and seating capacity. However, the 3 models mentioned above have decent range and seating capacity to be considered as primary vehicles for commute.

Sales of the 3 models have been decent. The Government & OEMs both have been doing their part to increase the EV Charging infrastructure as well. Multiple other electric vehicle launches are also planned in the near future. The recent developments clearly show that the Indian market has been warming up to EVs.

Entry of Tesla will certainly be a big deal for the Indian market. However, success for the brand will still be majorly governed by pricing of its products because India continues to be a highly price sensitive market. The Covid-19 outbreak has further dented the overall economic growth, leading to lesser funds with individuals to splurge on discretionary expenses like a fancy means of transport to commute to work.

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