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Tesla Model S owner hangs out in backseat with Autopilot on – Video

Tesla Model S Autopilot

A Tesla owner sits in the back seat of his car while the Tesla Model S cruises along at 83 kmph on a public highway.

While some users view Tesla’s new self driving system with some safety concerns, there are some who take this system a step further, throwing caution to the wind.

It may be called Autopilot, but it still requires the driver to be at the wheel. However, a driver set the self driving system in motion and plonked himself in the back seat of his Tesla Model S as it cruised across the freeway at 83 kmph. The video seems to have been shot somewhere across a Dutch highway while other cars are clearly seen driving alongside.

This is not for the first time that such dare devil videos have made their presence felt. Earlier videos have seen Tesla drivers sitting in the front seat with hands off the steering wheel thereby allowing the car’s self driving system do all the work. However, this complete abandonment of the wheel and moving into the back seat has got manufacturers thinking.

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Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has announced that there will be some added constraints put into the software when Autopilot can be activated so as to minimize the risk of drivers going crazy stunts. Musk further confirms and cautions drivers that Autopilot is designed exclusively to assist with driving and not as a complete driverless solution.

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