Tesla Model S autopilot fail videos emerge

Tesla rolled out autopilot feature for their cars Model S and Model X via an OTA update recently. This is a beta update, and Tesla recommends to leave hands on the steering wheel when on auto-steer.

Though most reviews online have shown how the autopilot feature works perfectly, but there are at least three videos online which show how dangerously wrong it can go if not for the attentiveness of the driver. For example, see the videos below:

Another feature of autopilot is to maintain the legal speed limit. This feature too was questioned as in one video the car is travelling at a speed of 75 kmph in a 60 kmph zone causing him being pulled over by Florida Highway Patrol.

Even when Autopilot takes over driving functions of steering and lane changing, the driver cannot totally abandon all responsibility of driving cautiously as autonomous driving software could fail. Tesla should roll out a more secured version in the next update.

Tesla states that the Autopilot mode is still under test and hence full hands off driving is not recommended. Autopilot Tesla is slated to offer drivers more confidence behind the wheel, increase safety on the road and enhance motorway driving experience.

Tesla Model S Autopilot

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