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Tesla Model S Long Range Plus debuts with full-charge range of ~650km

Compared to the 2019MY Tesla Model S Long Range Plus, the 2020MY variant boasts of a 20 per cent range increase

Electric vehicles may not be the only mode of transportation in the future as they say, but one can expect EVs to be an integral part of automotive industries across the world. This stands true for developing markets such as India as well, where electric vehicles occupy only a minor portion of annual sales. At the moment, the Indian automotive industry has a limited portfolio of all-electric four-wheelers while the two-wheeler segment (especially scooters) are witnessing a growing absence of exhaust pipes. In fact, an electric scooter makes more sense than a regular petrol-CVT example in multiple scenarios.

If we take a global picture, one cannot deny the fact that Tesla revolutionised the field of electric passenger vehicles. The ‘Silicon Valley’ automaker proved that EVs can be good-looking (not the Cybertruck), high performing and most importantly, desirable than an ICE alternative coming in the same price range. Of course, there are a few shortcomings which could be ironed out with time and technological development.

When it comes to choosing an EV over a petrol or diesel vehicle, ‘range on a full charge’ is highly prioritised. It is often the single-most commercialised characteristics of a new EV. In the race for range, Tesla has hit a new benchmark. The improved 2020MY Tesla Model S ‘Long Range Plus’ variant has an EPA-estimated range of 402 miles (~647 kilometres) — the highest ever for a series production passenger vehicle.

Tesla Model S Long Range Plus interiors
Tesla Model S Long Range Plus interiors (1/3 choices)

It was only recently that Tesla became the most valuable car brand in the world (beating Toyota). The California-based EV maker arguably set the path for premium, personal, electric mobility needs thanks to a wide range of innovations that may never come into reality in an ICE vehicle. For instance, a recent OTA (Over The Air) update for the Model S and Model X ‘Performance’ variants gave either EV a significant bump in output. To give a different take, the EVs became faster just by connecting to the home WiFi. Such levels of adaptability is an alien thought among ICE products.

In addition to returning higher range figures, the new Tesla Model S ‘Long Range Plus’ weighs much lesser. It features 19-inch Tempest wheels (one of three choices), extra-efficient regenerative braking, improved motor drive unit, latest Autopilot version and more. The pricing has dropped by $5,000 to touch a starting figure of $76,490 (roughly Rs 60 lakh).

The 2020MY Tesla Model S ‘Long Range Plus’ employs a dual-motor setup (effectively making it an AWD) that can propel it to 100km/h from a standstill in just 3.7 seconds. Top speed is limited to 155mph (~250km/h). The sedan is available a faster ‘Performance’ variant too.

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