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Tesla Model X door misbehaves; customer files lawsuit

Tesla Model X 2016 Geneva Motor Show

The customer says that the service centre is not prepared to address the issues. He wants full refund plus damages for the breach of warranty.

Tesla Model X owner Barrett Lyon has filed a Lemon Law suit against the electric vehicle manufacturer in the USA, claiming that his pure electric SUV has numerous safety and quality issues. It’s to be noted that Mr. Lyon has been a loyal Tesla customer and also owns the Roadster and S models. He says that he never encountered any issues with his other two teslas.

According to his complaint, Lyon claims that the automated front doors of the vehicle slammed shut even as his wife was trying to enter the vehicle and opened up in their garage, inflicting damage to property. He is also disappointed with the vehicle’s AutoPilot system which allegedly causes the car to swerve and jump lane by itself when it’s raining.

Tesla Model X 2016 Geneva Motor Show

The Tesla Model X door (automated) is claimed to slam down even if the occupant is not fully inside the car.

He goes on to say that the car’s touchscreen infotainment system freezes at times, the second-row seat somehow forces the driver seat to fold forward, and the auto park feature malfunctions most of the times. He adds that he and his wife stopped driving the Model X which is now a “really fancy car decoration”.

Tesla Model X 2016 Geneva Motor Show

In his lawsuit, the customer says that the Auto Pilot system is extremely dangerous when it’s raining.

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The Tesla Model X quality issues are the main problems that are keeping the company’s popular CEO Elon Musk occupied. An earlier report said that he has shifted his desk near the end of Model X’s production line to personally monitor quality levels. He is also reported to be having a sleeping bag right next to his desk!


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