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Tesla Model X seven seater electric SUV priced from $132,000

First showcased as a concept back in 2012, Tesla Model X finally bowed in today at a gala event inside their state of the art 5.3 million square feet factory in Fremont, California. Being the first ever series production electric SUV the world has seen, Model X has set some pretty high standards.

Basically a Model S underneath, Model X also has the same battery (90 kilowatt-hour lithium ion battery) as the Model S. You can literally interchange the batteries if you want. It also has the same systems, same drive motors, and the same software.

What is surprising is the performance delivered by the larger beast. Being a seven seater, and that too wider and taller than the Model S, it does a 0-96 kmph in just 3.2 seconds with the Ludicrous Mode on.

The rear doors can open in a cramped parking space as well. Electrically powered, the doors open/close rather slowly. Good thing is, you don’t need to wait till they are completely shut before taking off.

The batteries power two electric motors, one driving the front wheels, and the second driving the rear wheels. The electric motor in the front is rated at 259 hp, while the one at the rear is rated at 503 hp. Together, the two deliver a combined torque output of 713 lb-ft (or a ridiculous 967 Nm!)

These specs, when implied on the beast, does a 0-96 kmph in 4.8 seconds. That is for the base 90D variant. The P90D variant does the same in 3.8 seconds, and with the Ludicrous Mode (only offered with P90D), the same is achieved in just 3.2 seconds. Both variants have a a top speed of 250 kmph. Thanks to the 0.24 drag co-efficient, making it the most aerodynamic SUV in the world today.

Price of Tesla Model X 90D starts from $132,000, while that of the Model X P90D starts from $142,000.

With a kerb weight of about 2,450 kgs, the Model X can tow a maximum of 2,268 kgs. It has five different drive heights (standard being 8 inches from the ground), which adjusts automatically according to your driving mode and terrain. All seats offer ample legroom, including the third row seats.

Speaking about the cabin of Model X, Elon Musk says that it is the place where you would wish to be in an event of a bioweapon attack, thanks to the car’s bioweapon defence mode which will not let the harmful chemicals pass through the huge filter. Just like the Model S, it also gets a huge screen on the dashboard, which is basically from where you control the entire car’s systems. It also features state of the art 55W 17 speaker system.

Speaking about production, the Model X production has commenced, but Tesla did not reveal how many will be built this year. In fact, Musk said that if you book one today, you will get it delivered in about 8-12 months. The first customers of Model X “Signature Series” (6 of them) were handed the keys at the launch event. The next batch of Model X will be delivered to customers in the coming months.


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