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Tesla models can now stop at all traffic signals automatically – Video

Tesla stops at traffic signal
Tesla stops at traffic signal

At the moment, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Capability to automatically halt at all stop signals is limited to the US market

Tesla, Inc., is the automotive brand that really set the benchmark for today’s electric mobility. The California-based automaker has introduced a host of advanced features and technologies to the modern-day automobile.

Headed by technology entrepreneur Elon Musk, Tesla proved that electric cars could be aesthetically pleasing, fast and most importantly, desirable than an equivalent ICE car. For the same reason, the 16-year-old car manufacturer (including the days of the original Lotus Elise-based Tesla Roadster) is currently at the top of the EV game.

Out of the cool (and sometimes insane) features offered in a Tesla product, Autopilot could be the most notable. The advanced assistance system packs abilities such as adaptive cruise control, lane changing (+ lane centring), navigation (best-route selection and detours), tricky parking, etc.

In other words, a Tesla can drive by itself with minimal human intervention. Thanks to rigorous development, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Capability can now stop at all traffic signals and has made a huge leap towards attaining total autonomous driving.

Third Row Tesla Podcast has shared a video on Twitter showing a Tesla Model 3 driving by itself and stopping at all traffic signals without any trouble. The time-lapse also showcases how the car can navigate through tricky traffic and paths with ease. As per the tweet, “just say where you want to go,” and your Tesla would do just that.

As usual, Tesla owners can enjoy this feature via the latest OTA update. It was only recently that the Tesla Model S and Model X ‘Performance’ models received almost a 50bhp boost just by connecting to the internet and installing an update. Electric cars might never be able to match a focused ICE example in terms of driving involvement but the ability to add new items to the list of features — at the comfort of a local WiFi connection — is something that was not even a thought in the times of ‘regular cars’.

In this day and age, several manufacturers have introduced their own versions of autonomous driving. However, Tesla’s Autopilot is arguably the torchbearer. In fact, Tesla has really changed the whole equipment scenario in vehicles, starting with a touchscreen unit that has a UI as smooth as a flagship smartphone. In certain Tesla models, most of the basic controls and settings have been moved into the touchscreen in the name of aesthetic minimalism, thus making the whole experience a bit counter-intuitive.

Tesla has currently got four products on sale: Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y. In addition to this, it has unveiled three new products for the near future: Roadster, Semi and Cybertruck.

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