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Tesla hits one-million sales milestone amidst coronavirus outbreak

The Tesla Model Y is the fifth product from the California-based EV manufacturer

Tesla has rolled out its 1,000,000th electric car from its manufacturing facility in Fremont, California. The picture of the milestone-achiever Tesla Model Y was shared on Twitter by none other Elon Musk, the CEO of arguably the best EV brand in the world. The Model Y crossover is the fifth product from the brand, following the likes of the Model S, Model X, Model 3 and the upcoming new-gen Roadster.

The company had set up its Tesla Giga Shanghai manufacturing facility with the aim to commence Made-In-China (MID) Model Y deliveries by January 2021. This would be followed by an annual production rate of 2,50,000 vehicles by the next year. Tesla planned to launch the MID Model Y by the end of 2020 but had to back off a bit due to the coronavirus outbreak. In fact, the targeted timeline of January 2021 could also see a shift if the epidemic escalates in impact.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y – One millionth Tesla

COVID-19 has disrupted the global economy in multiple fields including the automotive industry. While Auto Expo 2020 was conducted with minimal participation of Chinese representatives, the prestigious 2020 Geneva International Motor Show was cancelled entirely, causing brands to lose millions of dollars. Regardless of the market, many OEMs depend on Chinese suppliers to ensure smooth functioning of their manufacturing facilities. Needless to say, they are all facing substantial production hurdles now.

Coming back to Tesla Inc., the EV maker expects to hit the second million-sales milestone in a period in just about two years. The forecast was made on the basis of Tesla’s Q4 projections. During the initial stages, Tesla products were not particularly impressive when it came to waiting periods. With production ramping up across its facilities, Tesla will be eventually capable of delivering products within a reasonable waiting period.

Model Y deliveries are set to commence in the US market this month itself while the date extends to mid-2020 for the Canadian market. In phases, the company will introduce the crossover across its global markets. Tesla claims that the Model Y will garner even more sales than the much-successful Model 3 sedan since the urban crossover/SUV segment has been seeing a lot of traction in recent years.

The Tesla Model Y comes in two main formats: Standard Range (RWD) and Long Range (RWD, AWD and Performance). As of now, orders are open only for the AWD Long Range and AWD Performance variants while the rest of line-up is expected to debut early next year. Prices start at $39,000 for the base Standard model.

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