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Tesla owner has a meltdown: Breaks his own car before crashing


A Tesla Model S owner, who was driving along the Pacific Coast Highway in California earlier this week, caused a traffic jam when he stopped his Model S electric supercar in the middle of the road. Not only he stopped his Tesla Model S in the middle of the road, but he also started dancing without any clothes, in full public view.

tesla-owner-traffic-jam-and-dancesAfter parking his Model S in the middle of the road, this unidentified man emerged from the sunroof of his luxury electric car dancing, and that too without any clothes. Later, he got out of his car and started dancing on the road.

Once he was done with dancing, his beautiful Model S caught his attention. He now started jumping on the car, broke the glass, and started driving again. Only this time, he was driving dangerously, and still without any clothes. He soon crashed in a MINI hatchback.

All this was being filmed by Teddy Bliss, who has now uploaded the same on YouTube. He says that the full drama lasted for about 30 minutes. Though the fire brigade and ambulance were the first to arrive, they were not able to stop the Tesla owner. He could only be stopped once the police arrived, but by that time, he had already crashed into another car. He was later taken into custody.

Source DailyMail


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