Tesla Robotic Snake Charger Prototype is just as scary as it’s fascinating – Video

Tesla Robotic Snake Charger prototype is a fully autonomous device which can find its own way to the car’s charging socket. In doing so, it manages to be a bit scary and a lot more fascinating! Dvidon’t believe us? Watch the video!

The California-based EV company founded by SpaceX fame entrepreneur Elon Musk is known for its innovation and we hope this prototype eventually enters production. Imagine a charging station with a pit of robotic snakes dancing their way to the cars’ sockets!

The concept could be used as an alternative to wireless charging since the latter is less efficient than chargers with chord when high output is needed. If at all this futuristic charger makes it to production, it would be costing a significant portion of a Tesla electric car itself.

Tesla Robotic Snake Charger Prototype – Video

Meanwhile, the company is gearing up to commence deliveries of long overdue Model X electric crossover by September 30, 2015. The new model has a standing order of 20,000 units already and is expected to have a price tag of around USD 50,000 (around 31.9 lakhs).

Tesla would eventually expand its presence to several international markets including India. With a lucrative NEMMP 2020 (National Electric Mobility Mission Plan) initiative from the government, India is a market that the company can’t afford to miss out.