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Tesla Truck India Edition with ‘Horn OK Please’ rendering

Last week, Elon Musk detailed the new Tesla Semi truck at a private event at Tesla’s Hawthorne, California facility. This is the company’s first electric big rig truck. It promises a 800 km range, aerodynamic handling and even at 80,000 pounds will accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in 20 seconds.

Musk detailed this supercharger less trip promising a travel of 400 km, delivery of load and a trip back. Charging upto 80% would take 30 minutes on a new solar powered Megacharger network. Tesla has already secured an order for four such Semi trucks from Meijer Inc.

Now, reddit users have imagined this new Tesla truck, if it were to be seen on Indian roads. Indian trucks are known for their colours and sayings, especially – Horn OK Please. Below are few such renderings.

That’s a very accurate rendering, if the Tesla truck ever makes it to India. Speaking about the Tesla truck, interiors are spacious and comfortable. The driver is seated in the center rather than to the left or right and there is a large 15” touchscreen on each side. The screen to the left controls vehicle functions and settings specific to truck position whereas the screen to the right offers information on navigation and radio controls.

The battery pack is located low and behind the driver thus leaving for a roomier cab as compared to that seen on other diesel engined vehicles. The Semi will also have an enhanced vision of Tesla semi autonomous driving system – AutoPilot. Using AutoPilot system means that several Tesla trucks can form a convoy on highways which will drive operating cost down further.

Safety features also include autonomous braking, lane tracking and nuclear explosion proof glass on the windshield. There are also forward facing cameras mounted at the base of the windscreen.

To be offered in a range of colors, the Tesla Semi is designed borrowing inspiration from a bullet. It gets better drag coefficient which is pegged at 0.36 as compared to 0.38 seen on the Chiron. From the outside, the Semi looks like an inverted boat hull. It is shaped like a rounded wedge and rear wheels are fitted in a cowl with massive fins closing the gap between cab and trailer which also enhances aerodynamics.

The 6 wheeled Semi is powered by 4 independent electric motors drawing power from a battery bank. These are the same motors that power the Tesla Model 3 though power and torque figures are not yet disclosed.

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