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Texas Instruments DLP technology expands into automotive, India HUD market

“DLP is the most flexible display technology and possibly the most flexible semiconductor in the world with potential to enable new applications in industrial, automotive and medical sectors,” said Kent Novak, Senior Vice President & General Manager, DLP Products, Texas Instruments Inc.”With DLP, we want to spark innovation across India through solutions that will provide real impact in these sectors.”

He added, “In India, DLP currently powers nearly 99 percent of the 7000 digital cinema screens across the country. DLP is also poised to deliver instant, big screen experiences to mobile phones. It currently holds approximately 60 percent market share in front projectors that are widely deployed in classrooms and office conference rooms. We see potential for these new application areas in the Indian market.”

TI solutions enabled by DLP tech for in-car infotainment with augmented reality (AR) head-up display (HUD), digital dashboards and center console systems will mark their entry in the automotive industry. TI’s field of work looks at higher resolution and brightness, expanded field of view, tactile feedback, distraction-reduced functionality and interior design flexibility. DLP tech has aided compact HUD system development for improved brightness and clarity in driving conditions, a wider field of view, and increased color reproduction over other display types.

This results in navigational indicators, real-time landmark details and safety warnings can be shown in relation to real world objects in order to keep the driver focused on the road ahead. For console and dashboard displays, use of infra-red cameras and other TI components makes way for multipoint, touch screen interactivity, scalability to any size and shape. With more than 2 million cars sold in India, and many Indian customers demanding globally available features, the HUD market will make inroads into the mid- to high-end car segment here

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