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Prevent texting and driving with Thumb Socks

Texting and Driving With Thumb Socks

Texting and driving is a major reason for teen fatal car crashes in US. A large number of teens agree to using their phone when driving. DoSomething and Sprint’s ‘Thumb Wars’ campaign to prevent young people from texting and driving in now in its 4th year. The campaign kicks off today and runs through August 14. Teens can sign up to receive 2 pairs of yellow anti-texting thumb socks.

Texting and Driving With Thumb SocksYoung people then pick a friend who texts and drives, and share the socks with them. They then snap a pic of them and the socks and send it back. Last year, over 279,000 young people participated in the campaign. In 2012, 62% polled sock recipients reported that the person they shared socks thumb socks with changed their driving habits. ABC Family’s Twisted star, Avan Jogia recorded a public service announcement for the campaign as Knitty By Nature.

“We’ve seen a great response from young people who have participated in Thumb Wars in the past three years,” said Naomi Hirabayashi, chief marketing officer at DoSomething.org. “Young people have incorporated Thumb Socks into funny anti-texting and videos and have staged awesome photos to spread the message. The creativity is amazing and gets young people to talk about the issue in a fun and relatable way.”

“Sprint is proud to be a partner and sponsor of the DoSomething.org Thumb Wars campaign for a fourth year,” said Ralph Reid, vice president for corporate social responsibility at Sprint. “This extraordinary program has been a great asset in raising awareness about texting while driving among teens, their family and friends. We look forward to positively impacting more wireless users with this important message.”


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