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The best company cars for the modern executive

Practicality. The choice of car should easily match the company at hand. Whilst industry and tradesmen will often need the likes of vans for storing tools, the modern businessman needs something that suits the full range of his needs. A company car in this aspect should be able to handle long distance driving economically as well as providing adequate storage space within the cabin.

Saloon cars and other similar types serve this well, providing ample space whilst offering a fast and efficient drive; perfect for getting to those important meetings. In this aspect, fuel efficiency and safety are other aspects worth looking into. One of the reasons to invest in a new model with all the modern driving improvements is the environmental and financial benefits it offers.

Status and image. Likewise, image is always important. What your potential customers or business partners see says a lot about their impression of you and your company. Businesses of today want to appear modern, dynamic and in-touch with modern tastes. It makes sense then that it’s best for staff members to be driving something that represents this.

For instance, you’re much more likely to make a better impression appearing in a modern car with smooth bodywork and sleek shapes, such as a modern BMW company car. These cars define quality and luxury which, in turn, suggests the company in question is doing rather well – as well as having excellent tastes and understanding.

Success is something you want to get across from the very first impression and, when it comes to taking your company on the road, your choice of car is the first thing people will see.

This is also where the likes of saloon cars come in handy, as it’s important to define a business image and not show-off. This is where sportier models are arguably impractical. Although they certainly make an impact on arrival, they lack the refined, discrete element of a professional company car.

Think of the image in the same way as you would the work attire of your staff members. The average suit doesn’t use bright colours or bold patterns yet it exudes confidence and professionalism from all angles.

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