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The joys of a used car


Much in the same way the job market values experience as highly as qualifications, the automotive world places a similar emphasis on tried and tested achievements. A new car may look good on paper but what evidence is there that these claims hold water? New vehicles go through their fair share of tests, yes, but it’s not until a car’s been driven on roads in real-life situations that it really comes into its own.

Used cars are veterans in this respect, clocking up varying degrees of experience over their lifetimes. It’s important to remember that used cars aren’t necessarily old cars and you’ll find plenty of relatively new models up for grabs whether you look at vCars Volkswagens or any other brand.


Perhaps the most obvious perk of owning a used car is the cost. Second-hand motors come with much lower purchase prices than brand new releases and you may find that replacement parts aren’t as costly either.

New cars depreciate quickly once they leave the showroom and this means that later owners are able to cash in on this. Where repairs and replacement parts are concerned, giving the market time to adjust to the new entry before getting your hands on one means that a supply of patent parts can be developed while any teething problems with the cars are ironed out.

The financial benefit of buying second hand has undoubtedly become more pronounced as the world continues to recover from economic difficulty and recession. According to figures from the National Association of Motor Auctions (NAMA), used car sales were up 4% in August, selling a staggering 92,255 units.

The affordability of the cars is likely to be at least partially responsible for this.


Finally, the simplest joy of owning a used car resides in the freedom it provides. While any car allows you to take to the roads, the worry of damaging a new and pristine car can often interfere with the enjoyment. You don’t want to mar the perfect appearance of your new (and probably expensive) purchase and this can lead to a fear of driving your car at all.

With used cars, this fear is removed. Even if the car’s condition is as good as new you’ll feel more comfortably knowing that it’s already been driven around and will therefore be less worried about getting it dirty or encountering a few cosmetic blemishes during your travels.

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