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The Perks of Availing Car Insurance

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The decision-making process for new car buyers isn’t limited to a one time purchase and includes the need to choose an appropriate insurance coverage. Insurance comes into play the very instance, when one drives away from a showroom, bringing home, his/her brand new car. It is essential that the insurance cover is relevant and valid for a range of situations.

Moreover, an online platform allows a buyer to make an informed decision after careful deliberation because all the facts and figures related to insurance are available online. Royal Sundaram Car Insurance is accepted at 3300+ cashless garages across India. Offering round-the-clock helpline and a free road-side assistance kit, this online comprehensive car insurance is available with appropriate add-ons for an all-inclusive auto protection.

Choosing auto insurance online will help you gain that much-required insight from the comfort of your home. The online process makes it easier for a customer to select insurance protection as per his/her convenience and requirement. Royal Sundaram Car Insurance helps customers pick smart insurance by delivering personalised products and service options, as per car/vehicle needs.

Also, insurance must cater to those with low annual mileage or flexible commuting options differently, than those who drive regularly. If one is hardly driving, this warrants paying a low monthly base cost. Road trips are also one of the most essential factors that play an instrumental part when choosing car insurance.

Royal Sundaram insurance cover caters to accidental damage to your car or another, and 3rd party injury or damage. Damage/loss to your car, owing to theft or fire, is covered too. Co-passengers can be protected through Optional Personal Accident cover of up to Rs. 2 Lakh.

Add-on covers include Depreciation Waiver on plastic or metals parts. Signing up for an online insurance policy comes with free vehicle inspection at your home. Policy holders can buy online within 24 hours, if there’s a break in insurance.

A round-the-clock helpline addresses claims while a personal relationship manager will guide you through the claims process in the event of an accident. Royal Sundaram provides emergency towing assistance to the closest authorised garage when on-the-spot repair isn’t sufficient in case of an accident.

Royal Sundaram car insurance caters to a range of manufacturers across India. Timely repairs authorization helps you get back your car in no time. You can opt for an insurance quote instantly and buy online without documentation. So, choose our comprehensive car insurance policy that caters to your requirements and ensures total protection for your vehicle.

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