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The SmartCar Makes a Great Commuter Lifesaver

With their excellent fuel economy, affordable pricing and small carbon footprint, the SmartCar has taken the auto industry by storm. Across the world, people are clamoring to drive this tiny car that packs so much punch. Many swear by the SmartCar while others are skeptical about the benefits.

An Environmentally Friendly Means of Transportation: The Smart Fortwo is a gas sipper with a staggering 40 mpg fuel economy. The car is also made almost entirely of recycled materials, making it green from windshield to bumper. According to its manufacturers, the SmartCar is more energy-efficient than some of its hybrid counterparts. If you are looking for a car that won’t tax the environment, the SmartCar may be the vehicle for you.

Compact Design: The Smart Fortwo is a tiny car with power and presence. This car seats only two, and is great as a second car for a family. A single person with a dog or a couple will find the the Smart Fortwo is sufficient for all of their transportation needs. Its tiny, compact design makes it ideal for fitting into tiny spaces in large metropolitan areas. The SmartCar originally made its debut in Europe as an answer to city congestion. Its introduction in the United States was met with mixed reviews. It has, however, been wildly popular in cities like New York, San Francisco, Boston and Washington, D.C.—all cities known for heavy traffic and limited space.

The SmartCar is unmatched when it comes to price. No other company offers so much at such a small price. The SmartCar is almost half the price of its size competitor, the Chevrolet Aveo. When it comes to price, no other company can match the Smart Fortwo in price economy.

An economical alternative to public transportation, the Smart Fortwo is a great car for a single person or couple that needs a great car to zip around town. A great way to afford one of these cars is to begin by selling your current ride in place for a new one. If you’re already on this road, you may find yourself thinking, “How can I sell my car for free without paying costly posting fees?” There are plenty of free websites where you can post your car for sale in order to buy a great new SmartCar.

Surprisingly enough, the SmartCar has a spacious interior for a car of its size. With ample leg room, a hatch space and space behind the seats, there is plenty of room for your groceries.

If you are considering selling your car and getting a SmartCar, you are in good company. Many car sales websites will offer you a great platform for finding a buyer for your old car. Getting a new SmartCar is as simple as visiting a participating retailer and taking a test drive.


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