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The top 5 Italian supercars to drive

1 Lamborghini

For a selection of Lamborghini experiences head to a local racetrack and enjoy the dream of a lifetime. The Lamborghini Gallardo with its rear wheel drive and top speed of 200 miles per hour will give you an exhilarating drive.

2 Ferrari

To enjoy the thrill and fun of the iconic red Ferrari, just go to Silverstone where you too can complete a lap in style. You’ll be able to try your driving skills in a Ferrari F430 and enjoy the roar of this fantastic V8 powered speed machine.

3 Bugatti

No list of Italian supercars would be complete without mentioning the Bugatti Veyron. This $1 million car handles like a dream, and the fact that you’ll be unlikely to ever own one of these beauties makes the option of a track test drive even more appealing. Jeremy Clarkson has described the car as, ‘utterly stunningly, mind blowingly, and jaw droppingly brilliant.’

4 Maserati

Maserati has a justifiable reputation as the ultimate in supercars. The 4 litre V8 Maserati Gran Turismo can reach a top speed of 177 miles per hour and comes in with a price tag of £82,220 – £110,075.

The car is relatively easy to drive if you’re a novice to supercar handling, though you will be given expert tuition when you arrive for your track experience. The Maserati is every bit as beautiful from the inside as it is from the outside with many vibrantly coloured interiors available.

5 Zonda Pagani R

Billed as one of the most expensive and fastest cars in the world, this supercar company was launched in 1999. The Zonda runs with a V12 engine and reaches speeds of 170 miles per hour. To experience the thrill of this beautifully designed car, try and book a session at your local racetrack. Of course, if you have £1.5 million in loose change you can always buy one of these beauties, but most drivers will have to satisfy their dream by hiring the car at an hourly rate.

You really don’t need to own an Italian supercar to enjoy the wonderful sense of speed and glamour that these cars provide. With so many tracks across the UK that offer supercar driving experiences at affordable prices, you too can feel like a millionaire for a day.

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