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Thieves steal car tyres and alloys; 9 cars, 36 tyres, 30 minutes – Bangalore

Car owners who park their vehicles on the road should now ensure that the car and its four wheels are secured from thieves. This incident occurred in Tata Nagar in Bengaluru when all four wheels of 9 cars were removed and the cars were left being supported by bricks or concrete blocks.

Three of these cars were close to each other while the other 6 were within 1 km away. The cars were all parked on the road for the night in a residential area in Tata Nagar.

The images below show off these cars without their wheels. One of the cars was a brand new Hyundai Creta which still sports the registration sticker and all the other cars were also in a new or good condition. These images should serve as a warning to car owners parking their vehicles on the road especially at night, as the robbers seem to be experts in removing the tyres in quick succession.

It also appears that the robbers were only after alloy wheels as those cars with non alloy wheels, parked in the same vicinity, were not touched.

Investigations are on to identify the robbers via various CCTVs installed at housing societies in the area. It is possibly the work of a team of robbers as it would have involved a large vehicle in carry the support bricks and concrete blocks to the site and to carry off the 36 stolen tyres from 9 cars.

Power tools could also have been used for faster execution and the robbers were obviously well trained in removing the wheels of the cars with such efficiency.