Thieves steal Hyundai Creta using the VIN sticker on window – Video

A Hyundai Creta top end with state of the art of safety and security could not keep these tech savvy thieves out.

All the high tech safety devices installed in new vehicles do not help in keeping a determined robber at bay. This is clearly evident as video footage has emerged of tech savvy thieves driving off in a top end Hyundai Creta after smoothly gaining entry into the vehicle.

The video shows off the white Creta in a parking lot while the thief scans Vehicle Identification Number. He is joined by another person driving a Creta and moments later the two thieves are seen driving off with both vehicles.

Though getting a duplicate key from the company dealership is a lengthy and costly affair, local keysmiths can duplicate the key in double quick time. The VIN and security PIN number is used to make this duplicate key and clearly the thief had some contact with the dealership to be able to obtain the PIN security for this particular vehicle.

The duplicate key is then made using this information and the entire process takes not more than 15 minutes. Tech savvy thieves have even found a way to ensure that the new key matches the immobilizer code and hence it does not set off a security alarm as the car thinks it is an original key being used to open the vehicle

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Watch the video below –