Thieves enter Renault Noida, steal 4 Duster SUVs which had come for service

The last thing one would expect when he or she leaves their car at the service center for usual repairs, is that they will never get to see their car again.

A small gang of car thieves in Noida has managed to steal 4 Renault Duster‘s which were parked inside the premises of Renault India authorized dealer and service center. Renault Noida showroom – Avia Auto Service Private Limited, located at Sector 63 in Noida is where the incident took place earlier this week.

As per the police, the entire incident was done very swiftly, as if it was a script from a movie. This has led to a possibility that the thieves probably had one member who was either a current or ex-employee of the Renault dealership. The thieves knew exactly knew about what time to strike, what to steal, and how to get out.

Image – Just Dial

The thieves entered the Renault Noida premises and held the guard hostage. Other members headed straight to the service bay where all the customer cars are parked. Each of them sat in a car. As the keys were inside the car, they managed to easily start, and run away from the showroom. The watchman was warned not to inform the police. But after the thieves left, he immediately informed the police.

The incident took place at about 3 AM. The entire incident was captured on CCTV. The showroom has informed all the four owners of respective cars. They are unhappy with the showroom, but cannot do much.

At the time of leaving your vehicle at dealerships, customers sign a form which states that if anything is to happen to your vehicle when in possession of the dealer, it is not the responsibility of the dealer. Sadly, the four owners will now either have to rely on police, or will have to get insurance claim for their lost cars.