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Cops catch gang specialized in stealing Royal Enfield motorcycles – Shows on video how they stole

Ever wondered how thieves manage to steal motorcycles, in spite of them being locked? Well, this shocking video reveals how it is done.

Cops have managed to catch a gang of thieves stealing Royal Enfield motorcycles. One of the cop who captured this gang, has now made a video which shows how the gang used to strike and steal motorcycles. An expert in stealing motorcycles, it takes these thieves less than a minute to steal a properly locked motorcycle. Watch the video below to believe it.

This is not an isolated incident. Recently, A man has been caught on camera while stealing a new Royal Enfield Classic motorcycle parked on a roadside in Delhi. The incident takes place at about 5-30 AM. The thief takes a good look at the bike, and of the surrounding before he starts to steal. Watch the latest video.

In another incident, a gang of thieves managed to steal the newly launched Bajaj Dominar. After saving hard-earned money for two years, Shivam Arora finally managed to buy his dream motorcycle last month. It was the new Bajaj Dominar which he had purchased.

Sadly, earlier this week, on the day of his birthday, the motorcycle was stolen by a team of 4 thieves astride on two motorcycles. From the CCTV footage shared by Shivam on Youtube, it can be seen that the four goons knew exactly where his bike was parked. In the first two minutes you will see how one of the thief manages to break the handle lock with a push of his leg. A few minutes later, another goon comes and takes the bike away.

The number of such incidents are on the rise. Thieves are roaming the streets and attacking people in broad daylight. They are no longer scared of performing the theft in view of hundreds of bystanders. Below is one more incident which was caught on camera.

A motorbike parked on the side of a road in Indore and securely locked drew the attention of two passing thieves on another bike. Caught on CCTV camera, the entire episode took just 40 seconds with the pillion rider getting off the bike, surveying the parked bike and pretending to fasten his shoe lace. While all this failed to attract any suspicion, the thief went ahead and broke the ignition wire. He sat on the bike and broke the handle bar with his foot.

Motorcycle Thieves in action.

He then kick started the bike and rode off along with his partner in crime. The entire incident was accomplished with the suaveness of a seasoned bike robber who knew just the right wires to cut and the exact way in which to break the handlebar.

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The robbery has been captured on CCTV and the local police are on the lookout for the robbers. As for us, after watching this video we will surely have to find some other means of locking our parked bikes so as to ensure its safety.

Another shocking robbing event – A young student, who was standing on the side of the road, near a toll plaza on a highway in West Bengal, gets his brand new KTM RC 390 stolen in broad daylight. The entire episode has been caught on video, thanks to the CCTV installed.

The student in question, was talking on his phone when the incident happened. Oblivious of the fact that he had been the target of 4 goons riding on 1 Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle. Two of the goons got off the Pulsar, approached the student and slapped him. Before the student could realize what just happened, the goons rode off with his KTM RC 390. Watch the video below.

Not only in India, bike thefts are also common in South America. As per this latest video from South American media, a gang of thieves were specifically stealing Bajaj Pulsar motorcycles. Yes, made in India Bajaj Pulsar motorcycles are big hit in the South American market, and hence is seen in a large number on the road. Recently, police caught up with one such gang and found out how they were able to steal Bajaj Pulsar in under 1 minute. Watch the video below.

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