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Hyderabad Police catch thieves who stole Ferrari worth Rs 2 crores

The owner, Divesh Gandhi, purchased the used Ferrari from Kerala and wanted it registered in his name

Three men, identified as Neeraj Sharma, Bhupinder and Saddam, out of whom one is a high end car dealer, have been trapped by the Hyderabad police in the theft of a second hand Ferrari.

According to the report, Divesh Gandhi of Hyderabad, who filed the missing car complaint on June 23, had purchased this Ferrari 458, worth Rs. 2 crores from a person named Jessique of Kozhikode in Kerala in May 2019. For this, he took the help of Neeraj Sharma a city based car dealer and his friend Ganesh, a resident of Bengaluru. Gandhi wanted the car registered in his name and in the interim period had parked the vehicle in his neighbour’s premises at Mahendra Hills.

Gandhi, who bought the car in May 2019 received ownership of the car documents and to complete all the transfer formalities he sent all the ownership documents to a Delhi based car dealer by the name of Prince Pathak to do the needful.

One of the accused, Neeraj promised to help Gandhi with the help of Prince Pathak in Delhi. However, in December Neeraj went to the US and could not return to India due to the coronavirus lockdown being announced. On the 23rd June, three men went to the neighbouring house where the Ferrari 458 was parked. They introduced themselves as Gandhi’s friend and took the keys saying Gandhi had sent them to repair the vehicle. The unsuspecting neighbour also handed over the keys without any suspicion and within no time, the trio sped away with the car. Alerted by the family, Divesh lodged a complaint with the local police.

Madhukar Swamy, Inspector Karkhana police station who was investigating the case traced the accused with the help of CCTV footage from the area and seized the car. This foiled the plans of the three thieves who planned to sell the Ferrari in New Delhi for a huge profit especially since they had all the documents in their custody.

According to the police, Prince Pathak had already transferred the car in his name using forged documents. After that the car was once again transferred to one Bilal from New Delhi while both Pathan and Bilal are still absconding.

The police suspect a major cheating racket behind this incident. They are investigating further, to see if the trio had managed to execute a similar plan in the past. A brand new Ferrari could cost around Rs.5 crores while this being a old model was sold for about Rs 2 crores.

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