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Third Tata Nano burns

Just when we thought Tata Nano was safe, another incident occurred day before yesterday in the capital which brought back nightmares from the past for Tata Motors. Similar incidents had occurred earlier this year in Mumbai and Vadodra where Nano’s engine caught fire without any obvious reasons and within minutes the entire car was up in flames.

These incidents forced Tata Motors to launch an inquiry to figure out where exactly the problem was. But within days the 20 member internal team along with an independent forensic expert came up with nothing and described Tata Nano as “absolutely safe” to drive.

Three months from Tata’s “absolute safe” declaration, another Nano, this time in New Delhi was up in flames. The Nano, owned by a Supreme Court Advocate, Mr Ravinder Narayan, was driven by his driver Patrick John on the fateful day. Just around 11:30 am after dropping Mr Narayan’s manager Patrick was trying to park the Nano in a parking lot on Aurobindo Marg.

Patrick said, “On Friday, we were driving from Connaught Place to Hauz Khas, so had barely travelled 8-9 kilometres. I was waiting in the car, having just parked it, when sparks started coming out. Thankfully, I managed to leap out of the car in time. I shudder to think what might have happened otherwise, since it was all over so fast. The entire car was destroyed in two minutes flat.”

Auto expert Mr Adil Jal Darukhanwala said, “It is possible that the car had been tweaked to add some features like power windows or a fancy audio system where the wiring was not done properly.” Anyways the setback has come at the worst possible time for Tata as it is about to announce the start of new bookings of Tata Nano due to the successful start of Tata’s Sanand unit.


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