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This Electric Scooter / Motorcycle Could Be Yours For Rs 35k

Since this electric scooter is made out of scrap materials at the owner’s discretion, it is not a finished product on sale

Nausha Electric Motorcycle / Scooter
Nausha Electric Motorcycle / Scooter

Ever craved an electric scooter for a lower price? Well, you’re in for a treat as India is now exposed to electric scooters like never before. There are innumerous brands that are offering electric two wheelers today. Some of which fly under the radar as well.

But most of them look like every other electric two-wheeler that is out there. What if you want something that looks like nothing else on the market. What if you need something out of the ordinary? One with immense quirkiness and will grab every eyeball that laid its eyes on it? Nausha from Punjab seems to have got your back.

Nausha Electric Scooter / Motorcycle

Nausha electric motorcycle is not a company that is importing EV parts from China and slapping a brand name on it and calling it a day. This is actually not a product on sale yet. The owner of this quirky electric motorcycle has built it out of interest and hobby.

He claims that he has built the whole electric vehicle from scrap materials that were deemed unfit for any use. Nausha has selectively chosen certain scrap elements that would suit this build. The cylindrical centre part of the EV seems to be the casing of an agricultural submersible borewell motor with its internals removed.

Nausha EV
Nausha EV

Other frame components seem to be scrap metal as well. Although Nausha says that everything is from scrap, the hub motor, battery and controller seem to be sourced from a different EV. Suspension components might also be lifted from other electric scooters. Wheels are likely to be 10” in size which is widely available.

Battery, controller, BMS and other components are housed inside the main cylindrical housing. While hub motor is mounted at its back. There are two prototypes in question, one yellow and one black. Yellow vehicle gets front drum brakes, while black one doesn’t. There is an aftermarket LED headlight and taillight at front and back respectively.

Price & Launch

Nausha mentions that it just cost him Rs. 40,000 to build his first prototype. Since there were a lot of bad design choices with this first prototype, he mentions that if he had to do it again and sell it, it would only cost him Rs. 35,000 only. He also claims that there have been multiple orders from across the country and even overseas. He wishes to add regenerative braking to it in the future.

Nausha EV
Nausha EV

As quirky as it looks, weight distribution would be horrendous on this design as all its mass is situated high up. I have built electric vehicles from the ground up in electric and hybrid vehicle workshops as I am an automobile engineer. I would have done a lot of things differently. But it is just me. What do you think? Would you buy this quirky electric scooter?

One thing remains, though, and is very commendable too. This was built from scrap materials. And for that reason, props to the guy to make good use of waste materials and put together a working prototype. Note: This is not a finished product and is not on sale.

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