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Using phone while driving a thrashed Maruti Alto, all is good on Indian highways

This 25-second video clip perfectly sums up what is wrong with our regard for traffic rules and regulations.

With the number of deaths being registered on Indian roads crossing 1.46 lakh in 2015, it seems that most of our fellow drivers are in no mood to get this number down. In fact, the way things are heading, most of us are working towards increasing this number exponentially year after year.

Don’t believe us? A new video posted by Vikram Kohli will assert your belief in the same. This video shows a thrashed Maruti Alto being driven on a highway as if all is well.

Thrashed Maruti Alto on road (2)

The car in question, is a Maruti Alto with a Punjab registered license plate. It is thrashed sideways, probably got sandwiched in an accident. Its rear windshield is missing, doors are badly damaged while its rear left wheel is looking like it would come off any instant. On top of this, the driver is busy talking on a mobile phone. Watch the video below for yourself.

Driving a thrashed car on public road is illegal. On top of this, the driver is talking on a mobile phone while driving. Disregard for traffic rules and regulations not only puts your life in danger, but also that of others around you.

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Sagar Patel

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