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Timely help by Traffic police saves the day for Uber driver and passenger

Accidents are a sad reality on Indian roads. It’s happening all the time around us. The key to saving more people involved in accidents is to ensure timely medical help, and that’s just what happened here.

Here’s a first account report from Souvik Dasgupta – “Sharing an incident which me and my colleague Arindam Mitra came across today. We were traveling in an Ola from Bhowanipore to Ganga Nagar. Near metropolitan signal another Uber which was coming in good speed suddenly banged into a truck. The front portion of the Uber was totally smashed.”

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“We stopped our car and got out of it. The driver of the car as well as the rider were severely injured. Mr Santanu Paul was the traffic sergeant over there who proactively took charge of the situation and helped us to get both the injured persons out of the car.

Wasting no time Mr Paul immediately asked for the trauma care unit of KP to be present in the spot. But since we had our car along with us, we asked him if we can carry both the injured persons to a nearby hospital. Mr Paul agreed on it and immediately asked for a green corridor from Metropolitan to Byepass Apollo.”

“He also informed us to take the patients directly to emergency and representatives from local police station and traffic guard will be there to help us. It took us nearly 10 mins to reach Appolo. On reaching we found inspectors from local PS and traffic guard were present and helped us to get the patients immediately admitted in emergency without any formalities.

Till the time we left the hospital premises doctors were treating both of them and their friends and relatives had already arrived. We were overwhelmed by the way Kolkata Police helped us in such a challenging situation.”

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