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How to make sure your Car always smells Fresh

Odours are annoying to the point that until one knows where they are emanating from, you’ll spend hours trying to put your nose to it. Interestingly, odour take on different levels of annoyance for people. So, while some odours may not bother you too much, it could be highly troubling to someone else.

One of the most difficult spaces to eliminate an odour is inside a car. It’s difficult to find the origin and to think of cleaning the car to rid it of odour may look easy but may not always be effective. Wiping down seat covers and footwells makes the interior less dusty but again, may do little or nothing for any niggling odour. Sadly, you can’t just walk away from a car, hoping the smell will disappear and driving in a stinky car is most unpleasant, and your only respite maybe to roll down the windows, which may not always be an option specially with the increasing pollution!

Here are a couple of great ways to beat unpleasant smells:

Use a Car Air Freshener

Car air fresheners are simplest solution to all your worries! Godrej aer Click gel is available in six designer fragrances. It can make your car smell divine and get rid of those pesky musty odours. You won’t believe how your driving experience will change with one of the best car fresheners. My personal favourite fragrance is Fresh Lush Green – It reminds you of the fresh green gardens of your childhood!

When looking for perfumes for car, the choices are pretty much endless, so, it would make sense to look around and find a scent that you truly enjoy lest you end up feeling like you’re seated in a big cheesecake with the scent of blueberry wafting out of your vehicle! Find the aroma that goes with your style and personality and you’ll get the perfect fragrance match!

Discard all junk

Cars are essentially small spaces and the last thing you want to do is fill up the car seat with extras that should be dumped elsewhere. Collecting stuff in the car can leave a musty and dense smell behind, so clearing the car regularly is a swell move.

Don’t leave behind wrappers

There’s a considerable number of people who pretty much eat on the go, and gulp coffee while getting from one point to another. Remember to pick up wrappers when exiting the car instead of leaving behind stale crumbs and remnants of a meal as it can contribute to a bad odour.

Air your car

When parking at the end of the day or beginning your drive in the morning, take two minutes to open the front door and let the car stand for a while before you switch on the air conditioning.

Regular interior cleaning

This one is a no brainer. Car interiors need to be vacuumed regular for dust that collects and seats need deep cleaning so there’s no nasty stuff hidden in difficult to access areas.

Use air conditioning effectively

Release some of nasty smells by simply letting the air conditioning do its job of getting rid of stale air in the car. This will ventilate your car and lead to a better driving experience for you and your passengers.


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