Tokyo Motor Show 2011 sees odd cars on display: Some major automakers missing

Judging by the weird cars in display at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show which commenced today and would continue till December 11th, one wonders if the effort organizers have put in will be enough to save face and guarantee a Tokyo Motor Show 2013.

Among some of the models that have been unveiled are some which look like a phone booth, candy vending machine and even a party concept car with disco lights which are highly unlikely to ever be considered for production.  While customers and media were eager to get a firsthand experience of what cars were going to be unveiled, we are sure that some may have been disappointed to see some of the uncanny and peculiar cars that were on display, and would in reality never be mass produced.

2009 Tokyo Motor Show was a letdown on certain fronts, and it was ignored by and large. To the extent, that here were speculations about the 2011 show never happening.  Well the show is back this year contrary to adverse media coverage and unsympathetic viewers but has once again failed to attract required attention.  The next two weeks will tell whether this show will be back next year or not.

Amongst the talk worthy unveilings, there’s the Toyota GT86 for the US with Scion badging. The new Subaru BRZ has also been showcased. There was a preview from Honda for an electric sports car too. The Nissan’s PIVO 3 could very well be your future urban EV. BMW bought its new 5-Series Hybrid and spoke about high-mileage diesel sedans for the Japanese auto market. Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Fiat and Mercedes Benz have chosen to give the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show a miss.