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Tom Hardy and Adrien Brody drive Nissan Patrol with Shell Helix in Driven to Extremes tv series

To showcase how well its motor oil performs in the harshest climatic conditions, Shell in collaboration with Discovery Channel will be airing a three part episode wherein Hollywood actors will be paired with trained drivers to overcome challenges faced by them. The promotional campaign known as Shell Helix Driven to Extremes will features these individuals overcoming challenges in unforgivable regions of the world ranging from white washed landscapes in Siberia to desert terrain in China and lastly rainforests of Malaysia.

Actors  Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight), Henry Cavill (Superman), Adrien Brody (The Pianist) are paired with drivers like F1 legend Mika Salo and Moto GP Champion Neil Hodgson. The first part features Tom Hardy and Mika Salo as they navigate the hard winter terrain of Siberia where temperatures are low as -60 degrees Celsius. Henry Cavil along with Neil Hodgson head to China’s Taklimakan Desert also, known as the ‘desert of death’ owing to temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius for the second challenge.

Nitin Prasad, MD, Shell Lubricants India had this to say, “Driving in extremely hot, cold or rough conditions creates a range of unique challenges for a car’s engine.”  “Cold winter temperatures in Siberia, Russia meant that the engine needed an oil with the ability to withstand subarctic temperatures and flow quickly to where needed to provide lubrication, while the extreme heat of Western China required an oil that could maintain its viscosity to protect the engine from overheating. For some, this could be seen as a disaster waiting to happen, but for Shell this was the perfect real-life test for Shell Helix, our premium motor oil.”

The third episode features Mika Salo partnering Adrein Brody as they navigate through Johor jungle in southern Malaysia. For the series a Nissan Patrol a vehicle was used to test potential of Shell Helix Motor Oil to adapt to these situations. Throughout the series Shell Helix Motor Oil showcased that it has potential to provide lubrication for the engine module no matter the situation or climatic conditions around. Data gathered during this campaign will provide scientists with information which can be sued to improve products in the long run.


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