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Top 10 200cc To 500cc M’Cycles Dec 2022 – Classic, Bullet, CB350, KTM 250

Overall, the 200cc – 500cc segment took a hit as it bled volume by 11.77% YoY and 12.33% MoM – Volume loss was significant too

Royal Enfield Classic 350cc
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Royal Enfield has 6 motorcycles on offer in the 200cc – 500cc segment. Out of the 23 entries on this list, Royal Enfield occupies 1st to 6th spots with its 6 offerings into top 10 motorcycles within this space. Sidelining rivals like this is great, but has the company outdone itself by pushing volumes? Not really. December 2022 is generally not a month for auto manufacturers to flex, as sales are usually meek.

Kicking things off with Classic 350 taking top spot on this list with 20,682 units. It was not enough to cross 34,723 units sold in December 2021 and 26,702 in November 2022. Numbers shrunk for Classic 350 by 40.44% YoY and 22.55% MoM. Still, it is the highest volume pusher in 200cc – 500cc segment with 31.50% market share.

Top 10 200cc To 500cc M’Cycles Dec 2022

Volume loss was 14,041 units YoY and 6,020 units MoM. Hunter 350 closed the gap between Classic 350 with 17,261 units and registered 10.73% MoM growth. With 8,816 units, evergreen Bullet 350 shows green with 9.37% YoY growth and 7.37% MoM growth. Meteor 350 sales stood at 6,298 units and fell into the red completely.

Electra 350 just managed to push 3,381 units and was devoid of any positive growth. 25.22% YoY decline and 18.92% MoM decline were registered. Himalayan is the least-selling Royal Enfield but is the highest-selling ADV in 200cc – 500cc space. With 2,257 units, Himalayan fares better than other ADVs and registered MoM growth of 6.41% and sales halved YoY with a 51.05% decline.

Motorcycle sales 200cc to 500cc segment - Dec 2022 vs Dec 2021
Motorcycle sales 200cc to 500cc segment – Dec 2022 vs Dec 2021

Honda CB350 didn’t fare better as opposed to its rivals. With just 1,022 CB350s sold last month, numbers almost halved MoM with a 49.70% decline and a 25.07% YoY decline. In quarter-litre space, KTM has an upper hand with its 250 lineup. Sales stood at 981 units and both YoY and MoM growth stood at 7.92%. With 72 units gained in volume. Dominar 250 and Dominar 400 took 9th and 10th spots with 406 units and 337 units respectively and failed to register any sort of positive growth.

Suzuki’s quarter-liter ADV V Strom 250 SX sold 291 units with an 8.78% decline MoM. KTM’s 390 series fared better YoY with 81.76% growth. However, the 289 units sold last month were not enough to offset 455 units sold a month before. Bajaj’s Avenger 220 and Pulsar 250 series sold 270 units and 245 units respectively. Bajaj’s indigenously developed 250 platform was supposed to be revolutionary, but it seems like they aren’t well received. Apache RR 310 sold 214 units and still didn’t register any positive growth.

Bikes With Sub 100 Units

Kawasaki Ninja 300 is the most expensive product on this list. That said, it has been a (relatively) consistent seller since its launch, years ago. Sales declined with just 96 units sold last month. Husqvarna 250 twins sold 66 units with 37.50% YoY growth and Honda CBR300 sold 48 units with 380% YoY growth. Both failed to show growth MoM.

Motorcycle sales 200cc to 500cc segment - Dec 2022 vs Nov 2022
Motorcycle sales 200cc to 500cc segment – Dec 2022 vs Nov 2022

Gixxer 250 twins sold just 8 units combined in the entire country. This is a really potent platform and is the most underrated motorcycle platform in India. People are likely to be off-put by the way they look. The pricey Kawasaki Ninja 400 sold just 2 units and FZ25 sold just 1.

Classic Legends sold a total of 2,681 units of Jawa and Yezdi bikes combined and registered a 7.93% YoY growth and a 27.01% MoM decline. In total, 200cc – 500cc motorcycles segment sold 65,652 units. This wasn’t enough to cross 74,411 units sold in Dec 2021 and 74,884 units sold in Nov 2022. Hence, sales fell by 11.77% YoY and 12.33% MoM. Volume loss stood at 8,759 units YoY and 9,232 units MoM.

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