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Top 10 200cc To 500cc Motorcycles Oct 2022 – Classic, Bullet, Pulsar, Dominar

Most of the heavy lifting in the top 10 200cc to 500cc motorcycles segment is done by Royal Enfield with 6 products, all lying in top 7

Bajaj Pulsar F250 Red
Bajaj Pulsar F250

Kicking things off, we have the evergreen Classic 350 which also topped the charts in September 2022. It sold an astonishing 31,791 units last month and gained 69.75% YoY and 15.31% MoM in sales. Classic 350 alone constitutes 34.07% market share in this segment. Recently launched Hunter 350 and Meteor 350 takes 2nd and 3rd spots.

Meteor registered a 31.87% YoY gain. However, both Hunter and Meteor sales declined MoM by 9.77% and 4.49% respectively. The legendary Bullet 350 sold 8,755 units and saw 50.38% YoY growth as opposed to 5,822 units sold a year ago. Bullet maintains the exact same vehicles sold MoM and stays neutral.

200cc to 500cc Motorcycles Oct 2022

Electra 350 sales doubled YoY with 4,575 units over 2,246. Even in MoM analysis, Electra shows a growth of 9.61%. Even though it lost sales YoY by 37.21%, Honda CB350 sold 4,491 units in October 2022 and gained 12.84% MoM. CB350 takes 6th spot and breaks the chain of Royal Enfield in the top-selling list with 4.81% market share.

Himalayan and KTM 250 range sold 3,751 and 2,187 motorcycles and registered 0.62% and 88.21% YoY growth and 7.85% and 1.25% MoM growth respectively. Dominar 250 registered an astounding 164000% YoY growth with 1,641 units sold as opposed to just one unit sold in 2021. MoM figures fell by 11.20%, though.

200cc to 500cc Motorcycles Sales - YoY
200cc to 500cc Motorcycles Sales – YoY

Pulsar 250 range falls behind with evident losses in both YoY and MoM analysis of 78.12% and 21.13% respectively. KTM 390 series saw 1,250 units sold and witnessed 6.75% YoY growth and a 17% MoM decline in sales. Dominar 400 and Honda CB300 range sold 1,197 and 681 units in October 2022 respectively and secured 12th and 13th spots on this list.

Both Dominar 400 and CB300 registered positive growth in YoY and MoM analysis. While the former grew its sales by 9.72% YoY and 54.05% MoM, the latter registered 68000% YoY growth as it had sold just 1 unit a year before. MoM growth was 34.85%. Avenger 220 and Apache RR 310 sold 607 and 366 units and fell into the red completely.

Avenger, Apache, V-Strom Sales 

Sales declined on both MoM and YoY basis for Avenger 220 and Apache 310. FZ25 registered YoY decline of 40.29%, but with 489 units sold over 343 units in September 2022, MoM growth was 42.57%. Recently launched Suzuki V-Strom SX 250 saw 1.11% decline in its sales on MoM basis with figures standing at 355 units.

200cc to 500cc Motorcycles Sales - MoM
200cc to 500cc Motorcycles Sales – MoM

Even though Husqvarna sold just 345 units of its Svartpilen 250 and Vitpilen 250 combined, sales grew by 6800% YoY and 29.7% MoM. Kawasaki Ninja 300 and Suzuki Gixxer 250 sold 136 and 65 units in October 2022 and both of them registered negative growth YoY and MoM respectively.

Despite being pricey, Ninja 300 outsold Gixxer 250 which is an indication of how poor packaging can sabotage a good product. Ninja 400 and CB500 sold 36 and 5 units respectively and both registered negative growth. Jawa and Yezdi retail sales stood at 3,496 units and registered 33.38% YoY growth and 24.28% MoM growth. Volume gain stood at 875 units YoY and 683 units MoM.

In total, 200cc to 500cc motorcycles segment saw 93,316 motorcycles in October 2022. As opposed to 60,368 motorcycles sold in October 2021 and 89,822 motorcycles sold in September 2022, this segment registered 33.58% YoY growth and 3.89% MoM growth. Volume growth stood at 32,948 units YoY and 3,494 units MoM.

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