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Top 10 Cars Aug 2022 – Brezza Beats Nexon To Become No 1 SUV

In August 2022, Maruti Suzuki has 7 cars, Tata has 2 and Hyundai only has 1 car in top 10 list

New Maruti Brezza
Image – Atharva Dhuri

This is the first time in a very long time, we have a different result for these top 10 sales charts. No, Tata is not topping any charts. Maruti Suzuki still holds the crown with an astonishing 7 vehicles among these 10. But the way these car sales have emerged in August 2022 over the past couple of months, is very interesting. Let’s take a look.

Top 10 Cars August 2022

For a very long time, WagonR used to top the sales charts like clockwork with Baleno trailing behind. But now, Baleno is the highest-selling PV in India with 18,418 units sold with 17.72% YoY growth with 15,656 units sold in August 2021 and 2.55% MoM growth with 17,690 units sold in July 2022. Baleno holds a 13.04% share of this list.

WagonR sales are falling and could be credited to the newly launched Alto K10 which comes at a lower price point too. WagonR sold 18,398 units in August 2022 registering 91.90% growth YoY. But sees an 18.55% dip in sales MoM as it sold 22,588 units in July 2022 and holds a 13.03% share of this list.

The third spot is the most interesting one; it is held by Brezza. It is currently the highest-selling SUV, hands down, beating Creta and even Nexon for that matter which is surprising as last month, Brezza was at 12th spot. With 15,193 units sold in August 2022, it registered 17.72% YoY growth and 56.48% MoM growth and seems to have recreated the original Brezza’s magic.

Top 10 Cars Aug 2022 vs Aug 2021 (YoY)
Top 10 Cars Aug 2022 vs Aug 2021 (YoY)

Nexon has held 4th spot consistently for a long time. It has been the No 1 SUV of India for the past few months. Last month, it registered highest ever monthly sales. But that was not enough to stay No 1 SUV. With 15,085 units sold in August 2022, it registers 50.76% YoY growth and 6.13% MoM growth and commands a 10.68% share of this list. Alto was at 14th spot and in just one month, has jumped to 5th. This is likely to be Alto K10’s magic as it is a people pleaser as found in our review. It sold 14,388 units with 8.70% YoY growth and 58.72% MoM growth.

Sales Figures – 6th to 10th Spot

While SUVs like Brezza have outsold Nexon, Creta still fails to achieve it. With 12,577 units sold, it registered a drop of 0.16% YoY and 0.38% MoM. The little Punch from Tata with 5-star crash safety rating bags 12,006 units in August 2022 and registers a 9.08% growth MoM as it sold 11,007 units in July 2022.

Eeco is currently the only ladder-frame van with sliding doors in India. Without any rivals, it sells in good numbers. Triber is a monocoque MPV. While it was at 6th place last month, with 11,999 units, it now takes 8th spot in August 2022 and registers 12.50% of YoY growth and 8.04% drop in sales MoM.

Top 10 Cars Aug 2022 vs Jul 2022 (MoM)
Top 10 Cars Aug 2022 vs Jul 2022 (MoM)

Dzire takes 9th spot, while it was in 5th spot last month. With just 11,868 units sold in August 2022, Dzire registers 107.70% growth YoY. But sees 13.67% de-growth MoM. Swift’s story is even more tragic as it enjoyed a 3rd spot last month and in August, it got kicked down to 10th spot. With 11,275 units sold in August 2022, it registered a 9.68% dip in sales YoY and even worse, a 35.71% dip in sales MoM.

4th generation Swift is currently under testing abroad and will make it to India too. Brezza’s growth is a complete shocker and now beats Nexon to take the highest-selling SUV crown. Previous generation Brezza scored a highest of 4-stars in crash safety ratings and the new Brezza is not yet crash tested. But Maruti Suzuki says that new generations of Baleno, Brezza, Ertiga and the likes are designed with crash safety in mind.

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