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Top 10 Cars, SUVs Oct 2022 – Nexon Becomes No 1, Beats Brezza

With 1,42,970 units sold, top 10 cars for the month of October 2022 saw a growth of 31.77% YoY

Nexon Blue

4 of the top spots are occupied by Maruti Suzuki along with a total of 6 spots in top 10 cars list. A sizeable chunk of Maruti’s sales comes from trusty Alto which sold 21,260 units last month and takes 14.87% of sales in this list. Alto witnessed 22.26% YoY growth over 17,289 units sold last year with a volume gain of 2,871 units.

WagonR, Swift and Baleno are neck-n-neck with figures standing at 17,945, 17,231 and 17,149 units respectively. Growth stood at 45.48%, 87.7% and 10.12% YoY respectively. WagonR, Swift and Baleno account for 12.55%, 12.05% and 11.99% of sales in this list. Volume gain stood at 5,610 units, 8,051 units and 1,576 units for WagonR, Swift and Baleno respectively.

Top 10 Cars October 2022

Due to Brezza’s short-lived popularity, Nexon surpassed it with its mostly-consistent sales which stood at 13,767 units. Growth stood at 36.36% YoY and volume growth stood at 3,671 units. With a 9.63% market share of top 10 cars, Nexon is the highest-selling SUV in India. Dzire and Creta fall closely with 12,321 units and 11,880 units respectively.

Growth registered YoY was 52.54% and 84.04% respectively. Punch took 8th spot with 10,982 units sold. Maruti’s Ertiga and Brezza take 9th and 10th spots with 10,494 units and 9,941 units respectively. Ertiga sales declined by 18.80% YoY, while Brezza went up by 23.77% YoY. In total, top 10 cars constitute 1,42,970 units and witnessed a growth of 31.75% YoY.

Top 10 Cars October 2022
Top 10 Cars October 2022

SUV sales for October 2022 are very interesting. For two consecutive months, Brezza took the crown. Nexon, with its mostly-consistent sales, has overthrown Brezza which now lags behind Creta. Nexon sold 13,767 units and registered 36.36% YoY growth over 10,096 units sold in October 2022. It is now the highest-selling sub 4M SUV and SUV in general as well.

Nexon holds 15.27% of top 10 SUV sales. Creta sold 11,880 units with 84.04% YoY growth over 6,455 units sold a year ago. With this, Creta becomes the highest-selling compact SUV. At 3rd and 4th spots, we have Brezza and Seltos which sold 9,941 and 9,777 units over the 8,032 and 10,488 units sold previous year. Brezza registered 23.77% YoY growth while Seltos sales declined by 6.78%.

Top 10 SUVs October 2022

Following Seltos, we have Hyundai Venue. It sold 9,585 units last month, down from 10,554 units sold last year accounting for a 9.18% drop in sales YoY. Newcomer Grand Vitara sold 8,052 units last month.

Top 10 SUVs October 2022
Top 10 SUVs October 2022

Sonet and Scorpio’s numbers fall close to each other. Figures stood at 7,614 and 7,438 units for Sonet and Scorpio respectively. Growth stood at 39.89% and 125.12% YoY and volume growth stood at 2,171 units and 4,134 units respectively.

Lastly, we have XUV300 and XUV700 from Mahindra that take 9th and 10th spots respectively. XUV300 sold 6,282 units and XUV700 sold 5,815 units last month. Growth stood at 49.46% and 70.68% YoY and volume growth stood at 2,079 units and 2,408 units respectively. In total, top 10 SUV sales account for 90,151 units and witnessed a growth of 45.45% YoY with 28,169 units gained in volume YoY.

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