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Top 10 Cars, SUVs Sep 2022 – Alto, WagonR, Brezza, Nexon, Creta

Maruti Suzuki absolutely dominates the charts with 6 vehicles in top 10 and taking the first four spots for itself

Top 10 Cars Sep 2022
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Launched recently, Alto K10 is quite a people pleaser. That is what we found in our official review as well. But very few saw this coming as Alto range takes the top spot and becomes the highest-selling car in the country. Dethroning the Baleno which had dethroned WagonR before it. Last month, Alto sales stood in 5th spot.

Maruti Alto sales stood at 24,844 units in September 2022 and saw a significant 4,000+ volume difference from the second highest-seller. Alto gained 12,701 units in volume and registered a 104.60% YoY growth. Alto’s market share stands at 16.02% of this list. Alto registers 72.67% MoM growth, which is the only double-digit growth Mom on this list.

Top 10 Cars September 2022

In 2nd spot, we have WagonR. With 20,078 units sold, it surpassed Baleno sales in September 2022 and registered 163.08% YoY growth and gained 12,446 units YoY. WagonR sold 1,680 units over August 2022 and registered 9.13% MoM growth. WagonR commands a 12.95% share of this list. Last month, Baleno had taken the crown which it lost to Alto this month. With 19,369 units sold, Baleno gained 11,292 units YoY with 139% YoY growth. With 18,418 units sold last month, Baleno gained 951 units MoM with 5.16% MoM growth.

Brezza takes 4th spot and becomes the highest-selling SUV in the country. With dwindling sales of Vitara Brezza, new Brezza sold 15,445 units and registered a staggering 724.17% YoY growth. Volume gain MoM stood at just 252 units with a 1.66% growth MoM. Brezza commands 10.81% of this list.

Top 10 Cars Sep 2022 vs Sep 2021 (YoY)
Top 10 Cars Sep 2022 vs Sep 2021 (YoY)

Nexon was going strength to strength for some time until this month. It sold 14,518 units and gained 6,307 units with 76.81% YoY growth. However, with 15,085 units sold in August 2022, Nexon saw a drop in sales of 3.76% MoM with 567 units volume loss. Nexon holds 9.36% share of this list.

At 6th place, we have Creta with 12,866 units sold, registering 57.04% YoY growth and gaining 4,673 units in volume. With 8.03% share of this list, Creta registers 2.30% MoM growth as well. Creta becomes the highest-selling compact SUV in the country. Eeco is the only van in the PV segment and gets brawny points.

Swift Takes 9th Spot

With 12,697 units sold, Eeco registered 61.87% YoY growth and 5.82% MoM growth. Volume gain stood at 4,853 units YoY and 698 units MoM. Eeco is the highest-selling van in the country and has an 8.19% share of this list. Second Tata product on this list is Punch which takes 8th spot with 12,251 units sold in September 2022, registering a 2.04% MoM growth.

Top 10 Cars Sep 2022 vs Aug 2022 (MoM)
Top 10 Cars Sep 2022 vs Aug 2022 (MoM)

Swift takes 9th spot with 11,988 units sold in September 2022 with a volume gain of 9,468 units YoY, registering a good 375.71% YoY growth as opposed to just 2,520 units sold in September 2021. Swift gained 713 units MoM and registered 6.32% MoM growth over August 2022. Venue took 10th place with 11,033 units and registered 39.24% YoY growth while volume gain stood at 3,109 units. Hyundai sold 11,240 Venue in August 2022 and hence we can see a drop in sales of 1.84% MoM with 207 units lost in volume. 

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