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Top 10 Motorcycles 200cc To 500cc Oct 2021 – Classic, Meteor, Pulsar, KTM, Himalayan

New Royal Enfield Classic 350
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Honda CB350 has shown the highest bump in sales which recorded a YoY growth of 454.42 percent in the 200cc-500cc category

Motorcycle sales last month have shown a slight improvement last month probably because the ongoing crisis of semiconductor chip shortage has eased a bit. This has led to manufacturing and in turn dispatch of more motorcycles. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement, especially in the 200cc-500cc category.

A total of 58,747 bikes from the 200cc-500cc category were sold across India in October this year. This led to an MoM growth of 48.35 percent in comparison to 39,599 units sold during September 2021. However, a YoY decline of 25.83 percent was recorded since, during October last year, a total of 79,203 units were sold across the country.

Motorcycles 200cc To 500cc Oct 2021 – Classic, Meteor, CB350 record impressive volume

The chart was topped by Royal Enfield Classic 350 with a registered sales volume of 19,728 units last month. In comparison, RE dispatched 13,751 units of the new-gen Classic in September this year which translated to an MoM growth of 43.47 percent. During the same period last year, the bikemaker sold 41,953 units of Classic which has translated to a YoY drop of 53 percent.

Classic was followed by its cruiser sibling Meteor 350 with 7,851 units dispatched in October this year. In September this year, 6,184 units of the cruiser were sold which led to an MoM growth of 27 percent. Honda H’Ness CB350 jumped to the third spot on this list with a total of 7,152 units sold last month. This led to a massive YoY growth of 454.42 percent. MoM growth for CB350 stood at 138.80 percent.

Motorcycle Sales 200cc-500cc Oct 2021 vs Oct 2020 (YoY)
Motorcycle Sales 200cc-500cc Oct 2021 vs Oct 2020 (YoY)

Pulsar 220F, Bullet, Himalayan

In its last phase of life, Bajaj sold 5,936 units of Pulsar 220F before eventually getting replaced by the new Pulsar 250 twins. The sports commuter recorded an MoM growth of 44.50 percent and YoY degrowth of 18 percent. Pulsar 220F was followed by Royal Enfield’s oldest workhorse- Bullet 350 with a total sales volume of 5,822 units recorded in October this year.

During the same period last year, 11,203 units of the classic roadster were sold which has resulted in a YoY decline of 48 percent. In September 2021, this figure stood at 2,107 units for Bullet which led to YoY growth of 176.32 percent. The brand’s sole adventure tourer Himalayan raked in a volume of 3728 units which translated to a YoY 108.15 percent and an MoM growth of 2.61 percent.

Electra, KTM 390, Dominar 400

The seventh spot was occupied by Bullet’s twin sibling- Electra 350 with a total volume of 2,246 units in October 2021. This is a 65 percent YoY drop and a 234 percent MoM growth. KTM dispatched 1,171 units of its flagship 390 range of motorcycles which led to an impressive 214 percent MoM shoot up and YoY growth of 12.81 percent.

Motorcycle Sales 200cc-500cc Oct 2021 vs Sep 2021 (MoM)
Motorcycle Sales 200cc-500cc Oct 2021 vs Sep 2021 (MoM)

The 390 range was closely followed up by the 250 range of the Austrian brand with a total volume of 1,162 units registered last month. This translated to YoY growth of 63.20 percent and a marginal 0.94 percent MoM decline. Bajaj sold 1,091 units of its flagship Dominar 400 to wrap up the top ten list. The tourer witnessed a YoY decline of 40 percent and an MoM decline of 10.72 percent.

Remaining motorcycles in the list include Avenger, FZ25, Apache 310, Ninja 300, Gixxer 250, CB500, Husqvarna 250, Dominar 250, CB300R and Mahindra Mojo. None of these motorcycles managed to cross 1,000 units in sales for the month.

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