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Top 10 Motorcycles Aug 2020 – Hero Splendor to TVS Apache

Top 10 motorcycles sold in August 2020 are reported at cumulative growth of 10.71 percent

As expected, Hero Splendor sales continues to sit on top of the order at 9.14 percent growth. Sales is reported at 2,32,301 units, up 19,462 units from 2,12,839 units sold a year earlier. Hero also dominates second place with its HF Deluxe. Sales grew 10.26 percent, up at 1,77,168 units from 1,60,684 units in August 2019 at volume growth of 16,484 units.

Honda CB shine switch on third place at 1,06,133 units sold. Sales grew 21.39 percent, up from 87,434 units, at volume gain of 18,699 units. Bajaj claims multiple notches in the top order with its Pulser series leading the lot. Sales grew 23.58 percent, up at 87,202 units from 70,562 units at 16,640 units game.

Hero Motocorp also claims fifth and sixth spot on the list. Glamour sales declined by 10.53 percent, down at 54,315 units from 60,706 units at volume decline of 6,391 units. Hero Passion is much more upbeat at 27.49 percent sales growth. Below is the list of top 10 motorcycles sold in Aug 2020.

Top 10 Motorcycles Aug 2020

Bajaj secured seventh and eighth place on the list. Platina sales fell by 10.01 percent. sales contracted to 40,294 units, down from 44,774 units at volume loss of 4,480 units. Bajaj CT sales fell by 18.12 percent. Sales is dow to 34,863 units, down from 42,578 units at volume loss of 7,715 units.

RE Classic 350 sales grew at a whopping 48.47 precent to wiggle into the top 10 list at 9th spot. Sales volume gain stood at 11,358 units, up at 34,791 units from 23,433 units. The list ends with TVS Apache series at 33,540 units reported sold. Sales growth stood at 27.04 units, up from 26,402 units sold in October 2019. In all, cumulative sales of the top 10 motorcycles grew to 8,53,078 units, up from 7,70,569 units, gaining volume of 82,509 units.

Post Lockdown

While companies have repeatedly been reported MoM sales gain having resumed business in phased manner since May 2020. With lockdown relaxations, sales activity is now more widespread to ensure that manufacturers have been able to increase production over the past months to meet growing demand.

This bodes well, as the current festive season is traditionally a period that manufacturers rely on considering sales tends to pick up in these couple of weeks. While it’s a tough task to recover sales loss that ensued in end of March and April 2020 as a result of a nationwide lockdown, manufacturers are wise to cash in on sales this festive season if they are to expect even the slightest recovery. With the current quarter coming to a close, one can expect September 2020 sales to maintain momentum.

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NoTop 10 MotorcyclesAug-20Aug-19Diff%
1Hero Splendor2,32,3012,12,83919,4629.14
2Hero HF Deluxe1,77,1681,60,68416,48410.26
3Honda CB Shine1,06,13387,43418,69921.39
4Bajaj Pulsar87,20270,56216,64023.58
5Hero Glamour54,31560,706-6,391-10.53
6Hero Passion52,47141,15711,31427.49
7Bajaj Platina40,29444,774-4,480-10.01
8Bajaj CT34,86342,578-7,715-18.12
9RE Classic 35034,79123,43311,35848.47
10TVS Apache33,54026,4027,13827.04
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