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Top 10 Motorcycles Nov 2022 (200cc To 500cc) – Bullet, CB350, KTM, Pulsar

Only Jawa/Yezdi retail sales showed decent growth MoM, Hunter 350 saw MoM growth below 1% mark, while the rest saw decline

Bullet 350 modified
Image – Bullet Tower

November 2022 doesn’t seem to be a productive month for motorcycles falling in the 200cc to 500cc segment unlike October 2022. Even though 40.98% YoY growth was registered, there is a 19.75% decline when MoM sales are concerned with over 95% of motorcycles showing de-growth. Classic 350 still is the top gun in this list with 26,702 units sold.

As opposed to 19,601 units sold last year and 31,791 units sold a month before, Classic 350 saw 36.23% YoY growth and a 16.01% MoM decline. Despite that, Classic 350 holds 35.66% of market share in this segment. Hunter 350 takes 2nd spot with 15,588 units sold in its name. Hunter 350 is the only individual motorcycle to show MoM growth of a mere 0.93%.

Top 200cc To 500cc Motorcycles Nov 2022

Meteor 350 took 3rd spot with 7,694 units and registered 13.56% YoY growth and 25.68% MoM decline. After the top 3, 4th to 7th position on this list is occupied by Bullet 350, Electra 350, CB350 and Himalayan with 8211, 4170, 2032 and 2121 units respectively. All 4 of these motorcycle sales declined in both YoY and MoM analysis.

KTM sales registered YoY growth and MoM decline. KTM 250 series and 390 series fall into the 200cc to 500cc motorcycles segment and take 8th and 11th spot respectively. KTM 250 series clocked 909 units and saw 23.67% YoY growth, while the 390 series clocked 455 units and almost doubled its sales YoY at a 91.18% growth rate.

200cc to 500cc motorcycle sales Nov 2022
200cc to 500cc motorcycle sales Nov 2022 – YoY Analysis

Bajaj Dominar 250 and Pulsar 250 clocked 407 and 470 units respectively and failed to register any type of growth with their figures, be it YoY or MoM. At 406 units, Bajaj Dominar 400 took the same route as its smaller siblings. Honda CB300 and Bajaj Avenger 220 sales fell close to each other at 367 and 314 units respectively and both of them fell into the red and couldn’t show positive growth.

FZ25 Saw 3157% YoY Growth

The highest sales growth recorded in November 2022 has to be Yamaha FZ25. As opposed to just 14 units sold last year, FZ25 sold 456 units last month and registered 3157% YoY growth and gained 442 units in volume YoY. Even though FZ25 gained a glorious gain YoY, sales dropped by 6.75% MoM.

There is a difference of just 10 units between Apache RR 310 and Suzuki V Storm 250 SX, with sales figures standing at 309 and 319 units respectively. That said, there was no positive growth between the two. Kawasaki Ninja 300 and Husqvarna 250 sold 126 and 135 units respectively and dropped sales on both YoY and MoM basis.

200cc to 500cc motorcycle sales Nov 2022 - MoM Analysis
200cc to 500cc motorcycle sales Nov 2022 – MoM Analysis

Kawasaki Ninja 400 managed to sell 20 units. Suzuki Gixxer 250 lineup comprises naked Gixxer 250 and faired Gixxer 250 SF. Both of them sold zilch despite being underrated motorcycles. Apart from Hunter 350, Jawa and Yezdi retail sales is the only one that showed positive growth. With 3,673 units sold, 23.42% YoY and 5.06% MoM growth was registered.

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