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Top 10 Motorcycles Oct 2022 – Splendor, Pulsar, Apache, Classic 350

When compared to cumulative sales commenced in October 2021, top 10 motorcycles for October 2022 witnessed 2.27% YoY decline

Honda CB Shine
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After taking a look at top 10 scooter sales for the month of October 2022, which registered a YoY growth of 4.80%, it is time to take a look at how motorcycles fared. In the month of October 2022, it was Splendor that took the crown with a massive lead as well.

Splendor sold 2,61,721 vehicles in its name and is the reigning champ in Indian motorcycle segment for a long time. To put it into context, the second highest-seller, CB Shine from Honda sold less than half of what Splendor did. However, with 2,67,821 vehicles sold a year ago, Splendor witnessed a 2.28% decline in sales YoY.

Top 10 Motorcycles October 2022

Splendor lost 6,100 units in volume YoY and accounts for 32.41% market share of top 10 motorcycles October 2022. With 1,30,916 units in its name, Honda CB Shine took 2nd spot and registered 15.29% YoY growth as compared to 1,13,554 vehicles sold a year ago. Shine gained 17,362 vehicles in volume YoY and holds a 16.21% market share.

Bajaj Pulsar series of motorcycles took 3rd spot. Bajaj is set to launch a new product on November 22nd which is likely to be new Pulsar 150. Meanwhile, Pulsars managed to sell 1,13,870 units cumulatively and accounts for 14.10% market share of this list. Pulsar series saw 31.64% YoY growth and gained 27,370 units in volume YoY, highest in this list.

Top 10 Motorcycles October 2022
Top 10 Motorcycles October 2022

Hero’s 2nd bike to make it to top 10 motorcycles is HF Deluxe with 78,076 bikes sold in its name. With 1,64,311 bikes sold in October 2021, HF saw a 52.48% decline YoY and lost 86,235 bikes in volume. Platina managed to sell 57,842 units. When compared to 84,109 units sold a year ago, Platina lost 31.23% YoY which accounted for 26,267 units of volume loss YoY.

TVS’s Apache series is its highest-selling motorcycle range and took 6th place on this list. Apache series of motorcycles sold 40,988 vehicles in October 2022. By doing so, Apache gained 2.99% YoY which accounted for 1,189 vehicles gained in volume over 39,799 vehicles sold a year ago. Making a surprise comeback, we have Honda’s Unicorn 160 which secured 7th place on this list by selling 31,986 units last month. With just 7,077 units sold a year ago, Unicorn’s sales shot up by 351.97% YoY and gained 24,909 units in volume when October 2021 is taken into account.

Unicorn 160 Registered Positive Growth

Hero MotoCorp has 4 motorcycles on this list. At 8th position, we have Passion which registered 80.94% YoY growth by selling 31,964 bikes last month. When compared to 17,666 bikes sold a year ago, Passion gained 14,298 bikes YoY in volume. In 9th place, we have the evergreen Classic 350 by Royal Enfield.

Top 10 MotorcyclesOct-22Oct-21Growth % YoY
1. Hero Splendor2,61,7212,67,821-2.28
2. Honda CB Shine1,30,9161,13,55415.29
3. Bajaj Pulsar1,13,87086,50031.64
4. Hero HF Deluxe78,0761,64,311-52.48
5. Bajaj Platina57,84284,109-31.23
6. TVS Apache40,98839,7992.99
7. Honda Unicorn 15031,9867,077351.97
8. Hero Passion31,96417,66680.94
9. Royal Enfield Classic 35031,79119,72861.15
10. Hero Glamour28,33525,66310.41

Classic 350 managed to find 31,791 admirers last month, up from 19,728 a year ago. It registered 61.15% YoY growth and volume growth stood at 12,063 units. Lastly, we have Hero’s 4th product on this list, Glamour. It took the 10th spot in the top 10 motorcycles list by selling 28,335 units, up from 25,663 units sold a year ago. Growth stood at 10.41%.

When compared to 8,26,228 motorcycles sold in October 2021, the top 10 motorcycles for the month of October 2022 sold 8,07,489 motorcycles collectively. Sales dropped 2.27% YoY and volume loss stood at 18,739 motorcycles.

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