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Top 10 Scooter Sales Oct 2020 – Activa, Jupiter, Access, Dio, Destini

Honda Activa 6G
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Scooter wholesales for the top 10 products grew marginally in October 2020

Two-wheeler sales in India is dominated by motorcycles, which leaves rather few scooters the opportunity to break into the top 10 two wheelers sold list. Only a few are able to post big league numbers to be true sales behemoths. Cumulative volume of the top ten wholesales is reported at 5,44,194 units at 2.77 percent gain. Volume grew by 14,656 units from 5,29,538 units reported a year earlier.

Honda Activa continues to establish its leadership, month after month. Last month, top three in the table reported sales decline with Activa’s contraction being the largest. However this does little to dent its share, which stood at 44 percent last month. Sales fell 14.83 percent, down to 2,39,570 units from 2,81,273 units. Volume loss of 41,703 units alone is more than what certain manufacturers can sell of their bestselling scooter.

Scooter sales growth

TVS Jupiter sales diminished marginally at 0.54 percent. Sales fell to 74,159 units from 74,560 units giving it 13.63 percent share in the top 10 league. Suzuki Access scooter wholesales declined by 2.07 percent given it a share of just under 10 in the list. Sales fell to 52,441 units, down from 53,552 units.

Honda Dio sales grew at 19.24 percent. Sales is up at 44,046 units from 36,939 units at volume gain of 7,107 units. TVS Ntorq sales grew tidily at 32.22 percent at volume gain of 7,682 units. Sales is up at 31,524 units from 23,842 units.

Top 10 Scooter Sales Oct 2020
Top 10 Scooter Sales Oct 2020

Hero MotoCorp scooter sales

Hero MotoCorp, the largest two wheeler manufacturer in the country finds its Destini scooter 6th on the list at a share of 4.91 percent. Sales did grow phenomenally at 157.58 percent but this doesn’t count for huge numbers owing to the small volume of scooters sold. Sales volume gain stands at 16,343 units, up at 26,714 units from a base of 10,371 units sold a year earlier.

Next spot, and the one after too goes to Hero. Its Pleasure scooter holds a roughly similar share in the top 10 list. Sales growth is reported at 43.10 percent, up at 23,392 units. That’s volume gain of 7,045 units from 16,347 units reported in October 2019. Hero Maestro sales too remains in a similar share range. Sales did grow 96.83 percent at volume gain of 11,433 units. Sales is reported at 23,240 units, up from 11,807 units.

NoTop 10 ScootersOct-20Oct-19
1Honda Activa (-15%)2,39,5702,81,273
2TVS Jupiter (-1%)74,15974,560
3Suzuki Access (-2%)52,44153,552
4Honda Dio (+20%)44,04636,939
5TVS Ntorq (+32%)31,52423,842
6Hero Destini (+157%)26,71410,371
7Hero Pleasure (+43%)23,39216,347
8Hero Maestro (+97%)23,24011,807
9Yamaha Ray (+84%)15,7488,575
10Yamaha Fascino (+9%)13,36012,272
Total (+3%)5,44,1945,29,538

The numbers sure do give Hero MotoCorp a stronghold in the lower middle order but even collectively, the manufacturer has struggled to report a total of 75k scooters sold. While the manufacturer’s motorcycle market dominance is unchallenged, its scooter sales ability is limited.

Yamaha takes up last two spots in the list. Ray scooter sales grew at 83.65 percent as volumes grew 7,173 units. Sales is reported at 15,748 units, up from 8,575 units. Yamaha fashion sales grew at 8.87 percent, up at 13,360 units from 15,748 units.

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