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Top 10 Scooters Dec 2022 – Activa, Access, Ola S1, iQube, RayZR

Even though top 10 scooters combined, register a 27% drop MoM – There is a decent growth of 29% in YoY analysis

Ola Electric Scooter
Ola Electric Scooter

Heavy lifters of scooter world like Activa, Jupiter, Access and the likes usually draw more sales than what was found in December 2022. There is a strong reason for this as people often refrain from buying vehicles at the end of the year. This is a typical pattern exhibited by buyers across various segments almost every year.

That could be one of the reasons why Honda Activa sold just 96,451 units. Otherwise, Activa sales easily hover around the 1.75 lakh units mark and go well beyond 2.5 lakh during festive seasons. When compared to 1,04,417 units sold last year and 1,75,084 units sold a month before, Activa fell into the red completely and saw 7.63% YoY drop and sales almost halved MoM with 44.91% decline.

Top 10 Scooters December 2022

Volume lost YoY stood at 7,966 units and an astounding 78,633 units MoM. Despite a heavy fall like this, Activa still commands 35% market share in the top 10 list, down from 46%% a month before. By selling 39,849 units, TVS Jupiter managed to register a positive growth of just 4.48% and gained 1,707 units in volume over 38,142 units sold in 2021.

Just like Activa, Jupiter also saw a decline in MoM accounting to 15.97% and lost 7,573 units in volume and held 14.5% market share. In 3rd spot, we have Suzuki Access with 30,228 units sold in its name. A similar pattern to Jupiter was observed as Access gained 19.2% sales YoY and 4,870 units in volume.

Top 10 Scooters Dec 2022 vs Dec 2021 - YoY analysis
Top 10 Scooters Dec 2022 vs Dec 2021 – YoY analysis

Access took a sharp dip at 37.17% MoM and in the process, lost 17,885 units. Market share of Access stood at 11%. Hero Pleasure and Honda Dio seem to have used an Uno reverse card as they both have turned their fortunes around YoY and even registered decent MoM growth. Pleasure sold 23,814 units and Dio sold 20,615 units and took 4th and 5th spots.

It must have been very pleasurable for Hero Pleasure in reporting an exceptional 158.71% YoY growth and 20.64% MoM growth. Volume growth stood at 14,609 units YoY, highest on this list, and 4,075 units MoM. Dio registered 138.68% YoY growth and 28.03% MoM growth. Dio gained 11,978 units in volume YoY and 4,513 units MoM.

Ola S1, TVS iQube – Electric scooters in Top 10

Ola Electric Scooter S1 entered the top 10 list at the No 6 spot with 17,280 retail sales. This was a massive 7100% YoY growth and 5.97% growth MoM. TVS Ntorq at 7th place fell into the red with 16,191 units sold in its name last month. That said, loss in sales is not that high as YoY decline was 3.96% and MoM decline was 4.78%. Volume lost YoY is 668 units and MoM is 812 units. Numbers are highly likely to improve next year.

Top 10 Scooters Dec 2022 vs Nov 2022 - MoM analysis
Top 10 Scooters Dec 2022 vs Nov 2022 – MoM analysis

When compared to 1,212 units sold last year and 10,056 in Nov 2022, TVS iQube sold 11,071 units and gained an exorbitant 813.45% YoY and 10.09% MoM. Yamaha’s first entrant into this list is RayZR 125 and sold 9,713 units. By doing so, RayZR saw 68% YoY growth over 5,781 units sold in 2021 and saw a 10.02% decline in MoM. Volume gain YoY stood at 3,932 units and volume lost MoM was 1,082 units.

Hero Destini outdid itself over last year’s performance with 9,123 units and registered 224.89% YoY growth. Sales more than quadrupled when compared to 2,808 units sold a year ago. However, it was downhill for Destini MoM as it sold 15,411 units a month before.

In total, top 10 scooters for the month December 2022 accounted for just 2,74,335 units. It wasn’t enough to surpass 3,76,031 units sold by top 10 scooters in November 2022 and hence a 27% MoM decline was observed. That said, December 2022 sales fared better than 2,12,659 units sold in 2021 and hence 29% YoY growth was observed.

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