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Top 10 Scooters Jan 2021 – Activa, Jupiter, Ntorq, Pleasure, Fascino

New Honda Activa
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Top 10 scooter wholesales in January 2021 reported at single digit growth

As two wheeler sales strives to get the momentum going, top 10 scooter sales in January 2020 grew. Sales in the top order grew by 5.26 percent up at 4,21,517 from 4,00,437 units. Sales volume grew by just over 21k units. As always, Honda Activa sales contributes to the maximum to bulk up scooter sales volume.

Last month, Activa wholesales was reported at 2,11,660 units, down from 2,34,749 units at volume loss of just over 23k units. Despite the loss, Activa accounted for over 50 percent share in the list.

Jupiter Overtakes Access

TVS Jupiter wholesales grew to 51,952 units, up from from 38,689 units. Volume gain stood at 13,263 units at growth of over a third at 34.28 percent. This accounted for 12.33 percent market share among the top order.

Suzuki Access scooter is not just a bestseller for the company in India. Considering business in India accounts for the lion’s share of Suzuki two wheelers’ global business, the Access scooter holds great importance. Wholesales declined by 16.70 percent last month. Sales fell to 45,475 units, down from 54,595 units. Sales volume fell by 9,120 units. MS stood at 10.79 percent.

Top 10 Scooter sales Jan 2021
Top 10 Scooter sales Jan 2021

Honda does have another scooter in the top list. Dio sales last month fell to 28,914 units, down from 32,651 units. Volume loss is at 3,737 units. TVS Ntorq sales grew by over a third. Wholesales gained by 27,766, up from 20,638 units. Volume gain stood at 7,128 units. Both Dio and Ntorq enjoyed similar market share at around 6.5 percent.

Hero Pleasure scooter sales grew noticeably. Wholesales grew to 18,603 units up from 4,239 units. Volume gain of 14,364 units meant sales grew many times over. Growth meant market share grew to just below 5 percent. Hero Destini wholesales were up at 9,484 units from 394 units.

Suzuki Burgman growth

Suzuki Burgman growth too was manifold at 8,743 units, up from 603 units. Yamaha’s only entry in the list is Fascino. Sales fell to 8,416 units, down from 11,647 units at 27.74 percent decline. Of the leading auto 2 wheeler manufacturers in the country, Bajaj for long stayed away, having reentered the scooter segment recently but with only an electric scooter on offer.

The scooter segment throws up interesting dynamics. For the biggest two wheeler manufacturer here, Hero MotoCorp sells a rather small volume of scooters despite its best efforts and comprehending pan India reach. Suzuki, a smallish manufacturer finds scooters to be it’s bread and butter. And Honda, despite finding great success in the Activa, has for long been trying to improve its lot of motorcycles.

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