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Top 10 Scooters in June 2020 – Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter, Ntorq

In June 2020, the top 10 scooters sold in India collectively hit 2,57,328 units compared to 4,64,458 units (-44.60%) back in June 2019

The Indian automotive industry is on its way to making a slow recovery from COVID-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdown protocols announced towards the end of March 2020. By early May, automotive facilities in ‘orange’ and ‘green’ COVID-19 zones were allowed to operate in controlled conditions.

Meanwhile, major OEMs introduced online sales platforms that offer a safe and convenient method to buy a new vehicle. Some of these ‘online showrooms’ feature dedicated finance solutions, options to opt a test drive at the customers’ residence; virtual assistant, exclusive benefits and more. Furthermore, the vehicle is delivered at a location of the customer’s preference in a safe, sanitised and socially distanced environment.

India’s two-wheeler market is witnessing a decent rate of sales increase despite being the monsoons. Figures still have a long way to go before reaching pre-COVID trends. Almost all two-wheelers have become BS6-compliant as well. In most cases, prices have increased considerably due to the amount of reengineering required in an existing power plant (such as the inclusion of fuel injection) to cut down emissions.

Top 10 scooters sold in June 2020

Top 10 scooters June 2020
Top 10 scooters June 2020

Last month, the top 10 scooters sold in the country collectively garnered 2,57,328 units in comparison to 4,64,458 units, back in June 2019. This is a massive sales decline of 44.60%. Unsurprisingly, Honda Activa tops the list at 1,21,668 units as against 2,36,739 units in the same month, a year before. Following way behind is TVS Jupiter with 37,831 units and a 32.75% decrease in sales from June 2019.

TVS Ntorq collected 18,680 units in June 2020 and faced a sales drop of 3,058 units. Suzuki Access and Hero Pleasure came somewhat close to each other at 15,540 units (-68.52%) and 15,012 units (+77.15%), respectively. Hero Pleasure saw the highest sales improvement in June 2020.

Honda Dio and Hero Destini also came close to each other, at 12,883 units and 12,475 units, respectively. The former faced a 70.55% decline while the latter enjoyed a welcome growth of 10.48% in sales. TVS Scooty Pep+, one of the most affordable petrol-CVT scooter in India, hit 8,291 units in comparison to roughly 22% back in June 2019. Finally comes the two Yamaha models, Ray and Fascino. June 2020 sales figures stood at 7,832 units (-26.78%) and 7,116 units (-54.15%) each.

To a good extent, electric scooters make more sense than a conventional petrol-CVT example. Since scooters are primarily used in cities, e-scooters do not need to promise three-digit range figures on a full charge. One could argue that charging times are a major weak point of EVs in general, but in urban environments, overnight charging has proven to be more effective than depending on the nearest fast-charging outlet.

NoTop 10 ScooterJun-20Jun-19Diff%Starting Price, Rs Ex-Sh, Delhi
1Honda Activa1,21,6682,36,739-1,15,071-48.6165,419
2TVS Jupiter37,83156,254-18,423-32.7563,102
3TVS Ntorq18,68021,738-3,058-14.0767,885
4Suzuki Access15,54049,366-33,826-68.5268,800
5Hero Pleasure15,0128,4746,53877.1555,600
6Honda Dio12,88343,749-30,866-70.5561,497
7Hero Destini12,47511,2921,18310.4865,310
8TVS Scooty Pep+8,29110,631-2,340-22.0152,554
9Yamaha Ray7,83210,696-2,864-26.7867,530
10Yamaha Fascino7,11615,519-8,403-54.1567,230
Total2,57,3284,64,458-2,07,130-44.60Avg: 63,493

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