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Top 10 Sedans July 2022 – Dzire, Tigor, Aura, City, Slavia, Virtus

Amidst the rise in SUV popularity, sedan sales are steadily declining MoM, but is better than 2021

New Honda City
New Honda City

Sedans are one of the prettiest types of automobiles after shooting brakes. With their classic three-box design and proportions along with long silhouette and low stance, they touch the parts of our hearts that other body types like SUVs can never. Yeah, SUVs are trending.

But what manufacturers are doing to fulfill that trend is, marketing every type of vehicle as an SUV. Maruti even says the S-Presso is an SUV. Yeah. But sedans don’t have duality like that. They were sedans, they are always sedans and will be sedans. But as we saw with Superb and Octavia, premium sedans for mainstream market are dying. But at the lower end of the spectrum, things are not that bad. Let’s take a look.

Sedan Sales July 2022

As expected, we have Dzire at the top spot with 13,747 units sold in July 2022 with 10,470 units sold in July 2021 with 3,277 units gain constituting 31.30% YoY growth and 9.13% MoM growth with 1,150 units gained over 12,597 units sold in June 2022. Currently, Dzire is the highest-selling sedan in India with 38.09% market share.

Next in line, we have Dzire’s arch rival Tigor which currently has 15% of the sedan market. It sold 5,433 units in July 2022 over 1,636 units sold in July 2021 registering a staggering 232.09% YoY growth and 10.18% MoM growth with 4,983 units sold in June 2022. Aura and City take third and fourth spot respectively and both register drops in sales YoY and also MoM. Aura currently has 11.13% and City has 8.73% of market share.

Sedan Sales July 2022 - YoY Sales
Sedan Sales July 2022 – YoY Sales

Even though City is in red, It still outsells Slavia at 6th place and Virtus and 9th place. Both Slavia and Virtus registered a drop in sales MoM while selling just 1,895 units and 1,338 units respectively in July 2022 which is less than 3,149 units of City. Amaze amazes us by selling 2,767 units in July 2022 and registers 144% YoY growth and drops 17.40% MoM and holds 7.67% of the sedan market.

Surprising Octavia Sales

Despite Verna showing its age, it registers positive growth. It stands at 7th spot with 1,879 units sold in July 2022 with 2.35% YoY growth and 9.81% MoM growth. Ciaz is not so lucky though as it is in the red in both YoY and MoM sales and only enjoys 3.82% of market share in July 2022.

But Superb and especially Octavia surprised us a little. Octavia sold 231 units in July 2022 which gives it 5.48% YoY growth and 305.26% MoM growth. Octavia is showing us that it has a lot of fight left in it. But Superb only sold 147 units registering a 40.24% drop in sales YoY and 5.76% MoM growth. At 12th, 13th and 14th place are Camry, Vento and e-Verito bleed red in both YoY and MoM sales selling 63 units, 42 units and 8 units in July 2022 respectively.

Sedan Sales July 2022 - MoM Sales
Sedan Sales July 2022 – MoM Sales

At the end of this list are Rapid and Elantra which sold 0 units each in July 2022 as well as June 2022. Especially, Elantra which seems to be a dead product. All-in-all, Total sedan sales account to 36,087 units in July 2022 registering 40.21% growth YoY over 25,738 units sold in July 2021. This segment also registers a slight drop of 1.01% MoM when compared to 36,455 units sold in June 2022.

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